Saturday Roundup: Latin Mass Ban, part 2, and Fighting Heresy

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Happy weekend folks. My apologies for the bad news on a Saturday.

Latin Mass ban Part 2:




Fighting Heresy With St Francis de Sales (Pius XI, 1923)



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4 thoughts on “Saturday Roundup: Latin Mass Ban, part 2, and Fighting Heresy

  1. There’s nothing in this video about the banning of the referent Novus Ordo.

  2. (@5: 30 ff) .. pastoral letter .. apostolic exhortation .. Bull ..
    Encyclical . . coming from Pope “Frankie” ??? What
    difference does it make when this scheister has already
    “rigified” the Church’s Deposit of Faith, and dumped on
    every good/ faithful Ecclesial man, woman, and association
    within the Vatican and, without, in the Church’s Dioceses?

    Up until the close of Pope Pius XII’s pontificate, the
    Laity were still under the impression that holiness
    belonged ONLY to “professional” religious: the Pope,
    Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and vowed Religious men
    and women . . but NOT to plain Jane, labourer Larry,
    and l’il ‘ol “ordinary” folks who see “holy” and “holly”
    as not much different.

    Not so for St. José Maria Esctrivà, who taught —WAY
    before Rome OK’d Opus DEI —that becoming a saint
    —”sharing the Gospel”—is an individual’s BAPTISMAL
    call: each and every mother, father, children, professional,
    janitor, labourer and washer-woman on the planet.

    Pope St. Paul VI’s 1974 encyclical vindicated Escrivà’s
    life-time efforts, upholding all the while everything the
    Apostolic Mass is and does . . SOURCE, in fact, of

    Pope Francis a “Devil incarnate” ??

    St. Catherine of Siena, pray for us, for the Church,
    for a TRUE VICAR of Christ, even the conversion
    of Francis . . if at all possible.

    Your faithful, bleating, fellow sheep,
    Prairie Grandpa Bob.

  3. Regardless of whether or not this rumor is true, it is a most reprehensible possibility. My comment is based on the fact that no Catholic whether religious or lay person is compelled to obey any command that is in contradiction to the Magisterium of the Church which includes its dogma, doctrine or Canon. We are being bullied by an apostate, a public heretic, a usurper of the Chair of Peter, a Marxist, a Sodomite a Mason and a total reprobate as has been publicly revealed by several high ranking prelates and by Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga, whom I personally find to be fully aware and unafraid to speak openly and unabashedly of Bergoglio’s evil ways. We need courage, faith, prayer and Our Lady’s powerful intercession at a time of palpable evil that seeks to consume us if we do not respond as we must.


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