Sunday Special: Vigano, and Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerich

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The Charge of Heresy coming from the very top of the Church seems provocative but Marian apparitions appear to have warned of this going back to at least the 19th century, if not earlier.





Emmerich: The Wickedness of Ancient Priests



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2 thoughts on “Sunday Special: Vigano, and Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerich

  1. On Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerich, this account has
    me for the first time WANTING to visit the Holy Land.
    Never had a desire to before.

  2. Once again, what comes through in Archbishop Viganò’s (welcome!)
    diatribe against the Church’s imposters is his “DEEP-into-History”
    FOUNDATION for everything he says. Perhaps if the enemies of
    the Church, of the Faith, and of the Faithful would do the same . .
    well, maybe they too might stop being Modernists.

    But can one hope for the Divine Mercy to penetrate even those
    hardened hearts? . . get them to discover “the vessel of TRUST”
    in their own hearts?

    “Jesus I trust in YOU” !


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