New Latin Mass Ban Rumor: Real Or More Modernist Gaslighting? (Part 1)

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Tomorrow will be part 2, with a dive into Robert Moynihan’s follow up report.




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4 thoughts on “New Latin Mass Ban Rumor: Real Or More Modernist Gaslighting? (Part 1)

  1. The rumor was a trial balloon.. When? My guess it’s tied in with the implementation of the synod results.

    1. A realistic guess . . but, Lord give me patience . .
      UNTIL then! So much will have happened by then
      that it would be difficult to recognize the Katlik

  2. Vatican II and liturgical REVOLUTION ?? Life within the
    Catholic Church can never be “revolutionary”, except as
    Christ’s “revolution” of grace and a Believer’s response
    to those graces.

    Robbing His Authority —and the Church’s — and having
    it co-opted by ECCLESIAL revolutionaries, makes their
    grab for power (NOT “authority”) —with stolen goods —
    a fiction, a fabrication, an invention . . a criminal Marxist
    tactic, to be blunt.

    And their novelties NEVER come with INSTRUCTIONS
    real conviction; only “smiling” force. A farce.

    I recall clearly such ABSENCE of an explanation and
    of instruction when a table first replaced the Altar, and
    the Priest faced the people.That whole jarring scenario
    was just plunked down in front of us, with NO time
    taken to calmly and clearly —in normal Catechism
    fashion —EXPLAIN such a double-take changing
    of “stage-props”.

    Holiness has always been referred to as “total
    devotion to GOD”. But, with “disguised” and
    gaslit MARXISM creeping all over the globe,
    aided by the newly-developed Digital Continent
    and its instant communication, what chance do
    future (and even current) Laity, Religious, Clergy,
    and Bishops (and now Pope!) have to BECOME
    HOLY? Belief is the Real Presence [ never mind in
    the Church’s “rigid” Deposit of Faith] has been
    virtually cancelled. The Novus Ordo Mass is
    being exclusively rammed down our oesophagus.
    And the relentless power behind such “turning
    out of the Lights” is a Vatican “God squad” in
    mitres and red who have been won over by

    Short of a new St. Bruno and his original Carthusians
    —who never needed reform because interior
    spiritual reform was “built-in” to their constitutions,
    backed up by their penitential manner of life, but,
    most fo all, born of THEIR DESIRE FOR GOD
    . . and for BECOMING HOLY. “At the end of the day”
    such a way of life translates into a man wholly taken
    captive by DIVINE LOVE. St. Faustina of the Blessed
    Sacrament “hints” at the very same transformative
    Reality in her Diary: Divine Love In My Soul.

    As always, it’s always the initiative of the Divine

    “For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion, have
    mercy on us and on the whole world” !!

    1. Correction: 1/ ” . . ‘stage props’. For that is how mundane
      and matter-of-factly the whole change-over was treated.”
      2/ ” . . belief IN the Real Presence . .” 3/ ” . . Divine MERCY
      In My Soul” . . ” Apologies.


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