Saturday links: How The Modernists Destroyed Catholic Morality & Latin Mass in DC

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Latin Mass In DC:




Catholic Morality:




An interesting rebuttal of Winnipeg

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One thought on “Saturday links: How The Modernists Destroyed Catholic Morality & Latin Mass in DC

  1. Well, Anthony, I finally found something with which to counter DC —and elsewhere —Modernist shenanigans.
    And I’m sure that a regular “counter attack” can always be found at the same source: the Wisdom of the Saints.

    Before I proceed, let me praise PAULA ADAMICK for her 2021 article, revisiting the Winnipeg Statement . . and its correctly-predicted “fallout”. . With NO COMMENTS ( . . even a year later !) I put in my “two cents worth”, and commented that her article COULD be critical mass for Canada’s moral recovery followed by the recovery of her Sovereignty . . by a REPENTANT Nation.

    Do we individually, personally, act the repentant Citizen, for starters?

    In St.Lawrence of Brindisi, we have an awesome spiritual, learned, diplomatic, and holy leader, whose feast the Church celebrated two days ago. He was born Julius Caesar Russo (!), in 1559. Took the name Lawrence upon entering the Capuchins as a teenager. He became the ideal Priest to —eventually —deal with the threat of his day: the Turks and the rising power of the Ottoman Empire. He is considered the final Counter-Reformation soldier.

    Profoundly erudite and with a loving heart full of zeal for Jesus, Mary, and the Eucharist [it took him a long time to offer the holy Sacrifice, amid tears . . similar to St. Ignatius of Loyola ] . . well look, read the article: . I don’t want to spoil this inspiring, motivating, exciting Life of a forgotten? . . unknown? . . much-needed! Saint.

    As for DC, and all, Modernists—you scheizters!—you’ve chucked ALL Devotions attached to, and deeply-rooted in, “the Mass of the A G E S”! You’re like T.S.Eliot’s “men with hollow chests”. Heartless. Not a shred of True Devotion to Mary in any of y’alls! You latter day Arians! Meditate on the life of St. Lawrence of Brindisi. I dare you. He’s just another name in the list of Saints . . but ISN’T . . “just another” or salted away in some list.

    As chaplain of the Christian Army assembled against the Turks, this great Capuchin, who was so passionate about his Christian European identity, “led the troops in battle, with his Crucifix held high”. Both Lawrence’s on-going intercession and his galvanizing example clinched the Christian army’s victory.

    “Here are a few excerpts taken from the Apostolic letter Celsitudo ex humilitate, promulgated by Pope St John on March 19, 1959, the feast of St Joseph, wherein he clarifies  some of the reasons for making St Lawrence a Doctor of the Church. ‘ . . . WHEN THE INSANE DARING OF THE INNOVATORS rose up, and the Catholic name was attacked by hostile assaults, when the Faith was languishing in many places among the Christian people, and morals were in steep decline, He raised up Lawrence to defend what was under attack, to avenge what had been destroyed, and to promote that which was conducive to the salvation of all. . . . “


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