3 thoughts on “Vigano: Francis & Cupich Serve Satan

  1. @2:00 ff: ” . . beginning at THE END of the month of July”. . July 31 ?? . . celebrates the feast
    of St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, or, “the Jesuits”. Pope Francis is a Jesuit.
    By doing this, his latest “cancellation”, Francis-the-Jesuit is ACTING LIKE an auto-immune disease,
    attacking his own body —the HEART of his own body.

    Sound familiar ? . . one of the “carditis”-critical-or-fatal consequences of the latest COVID “needle juices”,
    colloquially known as “the Jab”.

    Anthony, in quoting Cupich’s contemptuous reaction to the “memorandum of Aug. 2018”, you forgot
    to put the print on screen. No worries, mind you. I listened to the content again. But print on screen
    does help. Audio tells; audio-with-print “sells”.

    Correction called for (@7:00 ff )? . . with Bergoglio’s OK, “ . . they’re bringing ( not “beginning” ) the
    subversive plan of Vatican II to completion . . “ No matter, we get “the drift”, regardless.

    So they’re scandalized at the actual “Mass of the ages”? Will they be “scandalized” at the Judge
    of the Ages pronouncing Sentence, come Judgement Day? . . when Time is gone and Eternity
    has arrived . . is here . . to stay . . forever ?

    “Blessed be God. Blessed be His Holy Name. Blessed be Jesus Christ,
    True God and True Man . . Blessed be the name of Mary most Holy
    . . Blessed by St. Joseph, her most chaste spouse . . “ and “Terror of

    “Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints.”

  2. Yes, Archbishop Vigano is absolutely correct but it cannot stop w/speeches; it must go beyond speeches into action. There are many things we can do to put a stop to this daily erosion of the faith but we need srong Church leadership to assist us because it is their duty to do so. The Church is hierarchial for a reason. If we recall even Christ was deferential to His Father; think of His prayer in the Garden before his Passion/Crucifixtion; Father if it be possible, please let this chalice be removed IF IT BE YOUR WILL.

    1. Problem is, the Hierarchical Church Leadership NORMALLY would have
      taken action. But it’s been co-opted by Satan, whose mitred minions move
      about with ease through “the SMOKE” (lies, deceptions, cancel culture) of
      the Father of Lies . . and a “murderer from the beginning”.

      The REAL leadership—cancelled Priests and, by that “token”, the Lay Faithful—has been forced into guerrilla skirmishes with these interlopers. Such “warriors” of St. Michael will win . . already are winning, if Michael Matt’s
      (The Remnant) podcasts are any indication.

      . . . which leaves that part of “the Church’s One Foundation”—we Lay men and women—indispensable,
      our relentlessly wielding —praying —Our Lady’s “weapon of choice”, her Holy Rosary. “Hand me my
      weapon” —Padre St. Pio.

      For an excellent analysis of “Cancel Culture” see: Return To Tradition, July 8, 2022, “Viganò: Francis
      Bergoglio is doing the work of Anti-Christ.”


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