Francis’ Demonic Endgame For Replacing Catholicism With The Religion Of Man

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4 thoughts on “Francis’ Demonic Endgame For Replacing Catholicism With The Religion Of Man

  1. The mystery of iniquity is alive and well; it’s called LAWLESSNESS and the Church has succombed to it in its entirety. Both Francis, his minions, his purpose and his destruction of the faith by replacing God, His laws and precepts w/a total departure from the Christ centered one holy and apostolic faith w/worldly human ideologies and heresies, has taken over. Satan now rules; he sits in the chair of Peter and cackles as he surveys his booty; the Catholic Church which is completely unrecognizable as the Church Christ suffered and died for to save us by his Precious Blood. We’ve descended into hell because we’ve allowed this to happen through the diabolic disorientation of V2, a Masonic deceit that is the epitome of the lawlessness of man taking the place of God. Do we really think that God is going to continue to accept our rejection of His Son and His Church which has now chosen apostasy as our leader leads us into the depths of hell? It appears that the answer is yes. Our Lady of Fatima is still waiting for Russia to be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. It will be done but time is running out., Choose wisely.

    1. “LAWLESS”, exactly, the only law being the law of “Might Makes Right”, key trait of Militant
      Atheist MARXISM. Check its 20th century history.

  2. I’m glad to see that Human Events is also concerned about things Catholic. As in centuries past, it will be the laity, who love the Church as the ONLY way to the Father, who will save the Church. Pope St. Pius X, ora pro nobis. Ven. Fulton Sheen, pray for us.

  3. Thanks for this (again) inciteful commentary. After hearing about the increasing heresy and Apostasy on a daily basis, I am very tempted to become Eastern Orthodox. But I will resist this temptation and I stay Catholic while supporting the few priests and bishops courageous enough to speak out yet remain IN THE CHURCH.


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