Papal Idolatry: Two Prelates Warn Against The Error Of Our Age

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The pope is not an absolute ruler whose every word is the law. That’s a misreading of Pastor Aeternus.




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2 thoughts on “Papal Idolatry: Two Prelates Warn Against The Error Of Our Age

  1. As Sr. Lucy of Fatima said: iT’S DIABOLICAL DISORIENTATION that has entered the Holy Catholic Church. If we look at what happened under Paul Vi w/the Enthronement of Satan in St. Paul’s Chapel 8 days after his inauguration as Pope, we see clearly where we are heading. To my knowledge it has never been cleansed or rededicated.

  2. What these two stalwart Bishops S A Y !!

    The number of “hits” (5000) with the Rorate Caeli interview alone speaks for itself.

    We need to get out of our never-stopped-car-mode of disquiet and restlessness, find that quiet spot at home or before the Blessed Sacrament, and really PONDER ( weigh ) what’s being said . . that is to say, WITH Jesus-present . . or Our Lady of Sorrows ( feast day today), or St. Joseph . . or our patron Saint . . or our Guardian Angel who IS always present . . even in speed-mode ( . . but below
    75 mph!)

    I’m sure Bishop Schneider and Archbishop Viganò do this daily.

    I’m also sure that such “abide-in-Me-and-I-in-you” disposition is the source of . . well, for example . . of our favourite music REMAINING “favourite”, of our willingness to sacrifice and “letting go” REMAINING growth in the virtue of detachment, so important in our friendship and conversation with Him “whom we KNOW loves us” (St. Teresa of Jesus).

    Whereas, an ape can never “in a month of Sundays” mimic that kind of intimacy “with Him whom we KNOW loves” us.

    But Francis —along with his smiling, excitable followers —is a very subtle, sophisticated “ape”. [ sorry, but he has yet to convince me otherwise. Oh, I know he’s done very moving Catholic “Stuff”.
    But POLITICALLY, in public? . . monkeying around with Rock-Bottom Scripture, Dogma, Papal (not his!) Teaching, Wisdom of the Saints, the Church’s (Sacred) Deposit of Faith? , , even dismissing it as “rigid”?

    Mind you, I’ll never be “excited” ENOUGH (always a work of Grace) about Christ’s ABIDING Love for me and mine, for HIS flock, yes, even for His current Vicar (whom many are convinced isn’t there

    And so, St. Teresa of Avila’s motto —”to strive, to strive, to strive, to strive” —has begun to penetrate my wood-pecker-friendly skull !

    ” Mental prayer is nothing other than an intimate friendship, a frequent conversation with Him Whom I KNOW loves me.” -St. Teresa of Jesus (Avila).


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