Francis Celebrates A Predictable Anniversary While Attacking The Faith

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With alleged shepherds like this who needs external enemies?




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2 thoughts on “Francis Celebrates A Predictable Anniversary While Attacking The Faith

  1. Jorge the Apostate (as he will be known to historians) says that we want to “gag the [2nd Vatican anti-] Council] with the Council of Trent. My immediate response was that the “Council” makes me gag — as in “Duuude, gag me with a Council!”

  2. Is the Holy Spirit still guiding the Church ? Of course. BUT “SELF renewal born of fidelity to Jesus Christ” ?? Never! Not APART FROM “You are Peter, and upon THIS ROCK I will build MY CHURCH”. [ Jesus Himself talking here ] ??

    Jorge Bergoglio, already REJECTED by SJ General Peter Hans Kolvenbach, was parachuted in by the St.Gallen/ Lavender “Mafia”, thus co-opting the AUTHENTIC guidance of the HOLY Spirit and substituting that with this-worldly POLITICAL conniving.

    But, as Eric Sammon and yourself and others remind us: “The gates of Hell will NOT prevail against it (the Church).” A “skeletal” but pivotal proven historical track-record shows up the Holy Spirit very much the consistent Winner, as lead by the Church’s great Saints: he centuries-long Arian heresy battled by St. Athanasius & Faithful; the on-going evangelizing of still-pagan nations during the “dark ages” (10th C. Hungary); the fierce Religious battles during the Protestant Revolt (16th C.) raising up once again the Church’s TRUE reformers [ I would add St. Charles Borromeo; St. Peter Canisius; St. Francis de Sales to that list, as winning back fallen-aways depended upon “courtesy and kindness” to all. (See St. John Vianney —19th C. — on “Charity to ALL . . our Faith is an illusion, hypocritical, and false without Christ’s Love for the good and the bad; for the poor and for the rich; for all those who do us harm as much as those who do us good”.

    In like manner today, “ . . even when we recognize the deep corruption, malfeasance, and the incompetence that exists at all levels of the Church”, the current advocates for the Church —Joan Andrews Bell, our own (Bishop) Athanasius, and Bishop Joseph Strickland (and many more)—continue the battle for the Sacred Deposit of Faith and for each of its Faithful.

    “Pope Francis and Vatican II: It’s not a battleground, but the future . . “ ?? Hello ! L.O.L.! (CNS) This headline clearly co-opts THEIR “church”’s future WITHOUT a fight. In fact, they HATE fighting ( in the open!) . . “That’s not NICE!” . . when, in fact, their stealthy panther-like ways show them up for their underhand “GUERILLA” tactics. It’s a battle alright. “We have entered the era of anti-Christ, of anti-Truth, of anti-Church, of Good v.s. Evil.” (Pope St. John Paul II)

    Oh it’s a battleground alright. Let’s keep repeating the word, because THAT battle and THAT ground is right here/ right now and NOT “down the road apiece” . . NOT the future . . necessarily.


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