Pagan Worship At The Amazon Synod

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Before the Amazon Synod even officially opened the world was treated to the scandal of a pope participating in open pagan worship and rituals.

It used to be that Catholics and especially prelates of the Church avoided causing scandal because to cause scandal is a mortal sin, especially scandal that undermines or harms the Church. Not anymore it seems. Get ready for more changes.



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4 thoughts on “Pagan Worship At The Amazon Synod

  1. Every time I watch that video I feel almost paralyzed by a sense of seeing a hint of hell beginning to form. The world has changed to something I barely recognize. The uplifting videos you publish on occasion are a relief from the heaviness which must be reported so we know for what we need to pray. I appreciate your hard work, and difficult as it is to head, I usually look to your podcasts as soon as I am up in the morning.

  2. Haven’t you heard, mortal sin is passe in the post Vatican II, Protestantized,, paganized Catholic Church of “Pope” Francis’ Church of the New World Order.


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