Towards the Pan-Amazon Synod: Pre-Instrumentum Laboris Document

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I’ve attempted to send this document to various Catholic media outlets but with no luck. It is what it is, I guess. A subscriber put in the hard work to get this giant document translated quickly. Please spread it around if you feel up to it. It’s much worse than the Instrumentum Laboris and was the document that IL was based on. The link is below

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4 thoughts on “Towards the Pan-Amazon Synod: Pre-Instrumentum Laboris Document

  1. Thanks for this Anthony. Really appreciate it and will pass it round. Even though we have become desensitized over the past many months by stuff coming out of the Vatican and the church hierarchy in general, this document is still shocking to read. God bless, x

  2. Sharing to Gab. Thank you so much! I just left a half dozen comments on my local diocese newspaper website linking directly to the Instrumentum Laboris. The editor and I have an ongoing feud, though, so I don’t even expect him to allow my comments to be seen.


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