Francis Launches Synod With Call To Change The Church

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Let’s not kid ourselves here: they’re not hiding it anymore. This is the culmination of decades of work. By their own admission they want to change the Church. This is not only a fools errand but spiritual suicide as well.

We all knew that this was the agenda from the start. From the open promotion of globalism to the embrace of pagan and schismatic religious sects, this has been on the agenda from the start. The difference now is that the maniacs are talking openly about their plans.



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One thought on “Francis Launches Synod With Call To Change The Church

  1. Excellent commentary Anthony. The spirit that appears to inhabit “Pope” Francis is the devil. Nothing good comes from the devil but God uses him to show us his works. And the works of the synod so far are clearly not the works of God.


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