Cardinal Pell SMEARED By Modernist Shills To Destroy Traditional Catholicism

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That didn’t take long at all.




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2 thoughts on “Cardinal Pell SMEARED By Modernist Shills To Destroy Traditional Catholicism

  1. The attack doesn’t come from “within the Church” but from the drag clerics who wear clothes but have no power, no authority, nothing. When Catholics stop treating these kabuki clerics as real prelates or priests, the chains will fall from the Church. As long as they are referred to as if they were anything but fakes, the Church will remain in chains of this delusion.

  2. Don’t know much about Cardinal Pell, except what’s come to
    light recently. What comes through, once again, in this podcast
    is the POISON of modernist THINKING. It’s precisely “material”
    which used to be mothballed on the Index of Forbidden Books.

    But, now that even Pope Francis is a Modernist, they’ve got
    the Church ( . . EXCLUDING it’s Founder and King ! ), the
    Deposit of Faith, and the Faithful “over [ the proverbial ]
    barrel”. And so “fresh” Modernist ranting contaminates
    cyberspace unabated. A true “Covid-19” virus.

    What’s been the point of all the Eucharistic Congresses during
    this past 20th Century and some, when, currently, a Robert
    Maikins (?) passes off Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
    (by ONLY all those MEN, those Priests and Pope) as if that kind
    of Catholic Adoration of God were nothing more than a Faithless
    false facade ?

    What do I think of this? Without fail, I keep thinking “Faith Of
    Our FATHERS” .. each and all born of Faithful MOTHERS,
    women, and if not, then born of Holy MOTHER Church, of
    MARY Immaculate . . MEMORY, with her Son, of the Church.
    NObody will ever pass anything poisonous by this Queen &
    Mother without Eternal dire consequences.

    The Sacrament of Baptism carries within it THAT Mother,
    THAT Son, THAT Church, THAT filial Family! So how can
    a Baptized son or daughter “leave” the Catholic Church ??
    . . except through ignorance (culpable), real malice, or his
    or her abandonment by negligent and bad teachers,
    Catechists of error?


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