Malachi Martin & God’s Final Warning To Mankind

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The illumination of conscience or the Great Warning as it has been sometimes called in Catholic prophecy was a favorite subject of the late Fr Martin’s.



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6 thoughts on “Malachi Martin & God’s Final Warning To Mankind

  1. Steve Condit, Jr. with information from SPOTLIGHT Magazine has documented the fact that Mala”kee” (Jewish pronunciation) was a self-proclaimed agent for the Anti-Defamation League / ADL Zionists (“who say they are Jews and are not”) and Martin openly claimed he threatened Cardinals at Vatican 2 to do his work under Zionist Cardinal Bea. Steve Condit, Jr.’s information is censored on the internet. Try INTERNET ARCHIVES. Malachi Martin was laicized for adultery and was buried next to his long-time lover. Malachi Martini infiltrated THE ONE DIVINE RESCUE LEFT TO THE WORLD, THE FATIMA MESSAGE VIA DUPING Fr. Nicholas Gruner of FATIMA CRUSADER

  2. Hostage To the Devil is a GREAT read; although one has to be a bit “aware” of evil to understand the different avenues used to hook men into satan’s world.
    If one finds it tedious, something, perhaps, is off-kilter with that particular reader.
    It was very eye-opening—the subtlety has to be discerned.

  3. I have followed Fr. Martin for many years and have listened to this video w/Bernard Jansen. I own and have read many of Fr.’s books; among them the Keys of This Blood, Vatican, Windswept House and others. He was a learned priest and a faithful priest. I am very happy that you made this video for many reasons. Catholics today are mostly ignorant of their own Catholic faith so for me Fr. Martin is and has been a valuable source of the true Catholic faith. What I am about to say has to do w/the recent revelation concerning the advent (not a pun) of the ONE WORLD RELIGION CALLED THE ABRAHAM ACCORD SUMMIT/THE NEW RELIGION/CHRISLAM. I am not going to go into specifics because I just recently learned of its existence but I would like to know if you are aware of this and if so if you have any credible information about it. Francis is an integral part of it and as such gives confirmation of the reasons behind his destruction of the Catholic faith.

  4. I was at first put off and cautious about Fr. Martin’s reliability, but after researching the specific criticisms of him, I found his critics themselves to be the ones worthy of skepticism. His choice of media and style by which to convey his message is subject to the personal preferences of each in his audience, but it is the gist of what he was trying to convey, in my opinion, that must be used to render proper judgment of his works. I find what he has to say to be prescient and enlightening.

  5. Sorry, but I’ve never found M. Martin to be a HOLY man. Vociferous, yes,
    in book after book about the worst of the worst re. the Church’s demise.
    As one reviewer said of Hostage To The Devil —didn’t finish the book;
    gave it one star —”It doesn’t take long for the Devil to become
    tedious.” Why not revisit Fr. Chad Ripperger, who is not only a veteran
    real exorcist but also —with his solid background in philosophy and
    theology and psychology —is a very reliable teacher of anything and
    everything Catholic in Faith and Morals. And yes, he too is stumped
    by the insane chaos in the Church.

  6. Yes, Mr.Stine, I had a private revelation “Illumination of Consciousness” by dream at Harvard medical conference December 2017 ( future book downloaded ) Second dream, 2018, instructed the construction of a Monastery Refuge house – in formation I learn my “vision” mirrors that given to Father Michele Rodrique . In 2019 I discover Trinitarians of Mary under investigation by Vatican since about June 2016 – their monastery/refuge home had been taken away from them by Tiajuana Bishop , payback to them for “whistleblowing” priest abuse about 2005 or earlier. July 2019 I then given permission to write 2 books and I founded an Apostolate, June 2020, Christ Connections; Healing of Memory. In mission the Apostolate is prayer and material support for those with mind trauma , PTSD etc…reparation for priest abuse crisis as might facilitate healings by an illumination of consciousness and formation of “church homes “ ( 3 rd book, Home Blessing Book), all with an intent of consecration/dedication of an individual/family’s dwelling to God .

    Happy to share anytime .


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