Francis Reveals Why Fr Frank Pavone Was Laicized

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How much more do we need to see before more people began to ask hard questions about Francis and Apostate Rome?




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3 thoughts on “Francis Reveals Why Fr Frank Pavone Was Laicized

  1. I wonder if this also has another purpose: to create a diversion as yet more scandals erupt in the Roman brothel.

  2. “What message was Francis sending?” Money and power . . “you
    (Fr. Pavone) raise huge funds at will, to defray the costs of on-going
    Pro-Life endeavours. When my (Francis’) Bishop/ Rep reigns you in 
    —for reasons’ seriously erroneous —you challenge the obedience
    I’m requesting.” But Francis, himself guilty of supporting —or at least
    of turning a “blind eye”—to any number of pro-abortion people and
    their executed plans, deserves no obedience. Rather, resistance and
    disobedience . . to which Fr. Pavone has already committed himself,
    i.e. to expose the errors of the Vatican mandate . . “thoroughly”.

    Francis’ authority (i.e. Papal) is neither legitimate nor fair but highly
    problematic, as usual “ambiguous” at best . . which can never be
    best but WORST !!

    Mind you, Fr. Pavone’s continuous success in his pro-life efforts
    might ALSO be problematic in the ABSENCE of a HOLY VICAR;
    the human pride of “I know better” might sneak in there and trump
    genuine obedience to a (missing) HOLY Vicar. Jesus’ own words
    might come to haunt me at the end of the day, “The poor [ threatened
    unborn little ones ] you always have with you; but Me not always”.

    But “Me” ARE the threatened unborn babies, O Francis the
    merciful one !! The Passion of Christ continues. Golgotha will
    never be “cancelled”.

    Our reparation remains the order of “Today”.

    “If I think of tomorrow, I fear my inconstancy and feel
    stirrings of sadness and boredom in my heart; but I gladly
    accept the trial of suffering, O my God, JUST FOR TODAY”
     —Ste. Thérèse of Lisieux, in stanze 4 of her poem: “Song of

  3. I am scientific ,political science . and an economics guy . Franks “sin”, he talks back to power. My view, it’s not about abortion (it should be so ). YET, stupidity reigns . The religious oligarch’s want burgers made the “king” way to an anti Catholic meal ( no onions, lettuce, mayo , ketchup, or mustard – and “hold the bread”, No Real Presence. Just like The Trinitarians of Mary , they will be fine Tongue in cheek I envision a case before, SCOUS ? ( they can’t make a cake or photo op “weddings for the wolfs ) Frank and Trinitarians have been told their charism of service to the other is “demanded” , BUT that their service be void of any confrontational content which reflects TRUE biblical exigesis.

    LARGER question ( other thanAnthony Stein ) , where is NCR , Ave Maria Radio, EWTN celebrities , parish priests, and Knights of Columbus. Where is their invite to the synod on synodality ?


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