Wicked Bishops Go Fully Satanic

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Do you believe the rumors reported by Rorate Caeli?







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2 thoughts on “Wicked Bishops Go Fully Satanic

  1. How can Pope Francis undo spawning all these little “popes”,
    smouldering forest fires out of control in our countries?

    This Fr. Kohlgraf, how much time does he spend grooming
    his hair, and homogenizing his sympathy-begging, limipd
    countenance? I doubt if he could work up ANY level of
    fury worth of the name FURY!

    ” .. the QUESTION of God .. ” ?? (mere) ” .. INTEREST IN
    Jesus Christ ..” ?? What barf! What are we, dogs returned
    to our . . ??

    All this and more is sure the end-result of cancelling
    genuine SHAME. “Back in the day” any genuine Catholic
    could spontaneously react with: “SHAME ON YOU !”
    Today, both the word and its intended “calling out” have
    been relegated to a tooth-less, shrivelled-heart tokenism.
    The original meaning and intent of shame has been
    vacuumed into digital “virtuality”, a phantom, to which
    one can attribute any meaning which a Youtuber likes.

    May the just-born Christ Child cut through all this with
    His REAL tears and REAL shivering in that shepherd’s
    cave near Bethlehem, and may Joseph —and Mary
    His Mother, Mother of OUR SAVIOUR —cover us all
    with his protecting cloak!

  2. That a prelate of the Catholic Church managed to recycle tbe abortion myth inside a strawman argument that the synodal way is safe and effective, if might makes me wonder who does he think he is?


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