Defiant Prelate Ordains Priest In Opposition To Francis

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This is a huge story not getting enough coverage.




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3 thoughts on “Defiant Prelate Ordains Priest In Opposition To Francis

  1. The very coining of the phrase, ” . . NEW Advent ” is already a huge red flag. Then ” . . the CHURCH of the NA . . ”
    Wh-a-a-a-t ?? A new “church”? Uh uh. A new “red pill” loaded with those doctrinal and illicit changes. Our Lady, in
    “To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons” (1973 – 1997), already had catalogued them.

    So a rogue Hierarchy is forcing Faithful Prelates, Bishops, Priests, and Laity to resist and live the Sacred Deposit
    of the Faith in “virtual” Catacombs. The Nagasaki Catholics stuck it out for 400 years. If we’re just beginning, we’ve
    a long way to go in being Faithful to passing on the Faith to coming generations.

  2. Tragic Problem. Makes me very sad. And we have come no further…This is one of these conundrums
    ‘In God’s Time!”. Patience…it will right itself soon.

  3. I, as a traditional Roman Catholic, am thankful for this occurrence for many reasons. What is so egregious about the upper clergy’s response is that the clarion call which we hear and have been hearing for many years is the bemoaning of the fact that the Church is in sore need of seminarians. If this is true, as it most assuredly is, why would any true bishop of Christ be opposed to these necessary and needed ordinations? My response is obvious to anyone paying attention to what has been and continues to be occurring before and since V2. My assessment is based on the fact that the Church of the New Advent is a false church; a counterfeit church based on the many doctrinal and illicit changes that have occurred and continue to occur on a regular basis. In my assessment, which is based on the words that Our Lady of Fatima and many other approved Catholic prophecies have stated over and over again over a very long period of time, is that the clergy are culpable and that, as Our Lady showed the three children through the vision of hell, that many priests, clergy, etc. are in that place of eternal damnation. Why then, do we continue to follow the counsel of the wicked. Yes, many of the wicked are part of the NWO/OWR agenda, of which Francis is their high priest of apostasy. Not to resist these illicit proclamations of the disobedient bishops and upper clergy, is tantamount to committing grave sin. Our Lady was told by her Son that if the world did not stop sinning that a terrible chastisement would come. Does anyone not think that this current war, which could easily become WW3, is not a forerunner to this chastisement.? Please stop making excuses for these evils; we are all culpable if we accept them.
    God does not exist in a vacuum; right action by all of us is mandatory. Faith and works together plus prayer and reparation for our sins is also mandatory. May God have mercy on us.


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