Is EWTN HELPING Francis Bury The Messages Of Our Lady?

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Something very strange is going on at EWTN.




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3 thoughts on “Is EWTN HELPING Francis Bury The Messages Of Our Lady?

  1. The Argentine is a mafia don or cia hack adding enemies to the team. If they do not become obediently operate, he has more ability to destroy them. It is clear what the organization is to do, regardless of Donovan’s complicity. It is like a Hungarian princeling joining a turk formation in the hopes they will not burn his town then finding himself flayed at its gate.

  2. Greetings Anthony ,

    I found this , released 4 weeks ago, produced by Ralph Martin; he seems to have put it all together. EWTN , my take , after the Gloria Purvis blow up with Bishop Baron, is maybe just a bit “softer” on Francis ? By my viewership, EWTN, as Raymond Arroyo has labeled “them”, remains the Papal Posey.

    Blessings, Dr.Scott


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