Enemies Of The Church Persecute The Faithful

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The FBI are targeting traditional Catholics because they fear the authentic Catholic faith, not this liberal, modernist junk pushed by Rome for the past few decades.





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5 thoughts on “Enemies Of The Church Persecute The Faithful

  1. @5: 53 ” . . but it’s THAT Faith, that REAL Faith
    that makes [ secular powers ] fear what the
    Faithful are capable of . . ”

    The only thing missing is the “blood of martyrs”
    which have sprinkled the WHOLE
    course of time and of history, the “spilling of which”
    was motivated by the S A M E dread [ Caesars of
    the early Church; pagan Teutonic tribes who feared
    St.Boniface and followers; the atheist leaders of
    the 20th Century, who let flow rivers of blood of
    their resistors ], each fearing the slightest threat
    against their TEMPORAL power.

    Come TIME for the full manifestation of the Eternal
    power of Christ THE KING, who’s [ power ] will stand?
    Let the King of Kings speak for Himself:

    “Those who deny Me before [ the civil authorities and
    the diplomatic corps ] I will deny before My Father
    in Heaven.” ( the Gospels )

    The cry to Heaven of the OCEANS of innocent blood
    spilt by our FEAR-RIDDEN hedonistic, Satanic
    movers-and-shakers [ BIG pharma, BIG government,
    a Church betrayed a army of Judases, a God-less culture ]
    will have the FINAL SAY.

    The DIVINE MERCY—ever available in the Sacred Heart
    of Jesus & in the Immaculate Heart of Mary—is the only
    “Balm” that will effectively heal the lacerated consciences
    of those responsible for “Rachael’s tears for those who
    are no more”.

  2. Dear Anthony ,

    This is a most recent reporting by Taylor Marshall several days ago. It is “real time”
    It is well worth the watch as supoppena of unredacted documents is requested .
    YES , by “benign neglect” the Bishops are participatory . If your focus is not on Jesus you are “”in” the world and “of” the world .

    Blessings, Dr.Scott


    1. Dr. Scott,

      Two items: 1/ Am most thankful for your passing on
      Dr. Taylor Marshall’s video. His “slow motion” thorough
      Catechesis on the absolute BASICS of the Faith are
      tops. Thank you ! !

      2/ How can the NEGLECT of the Bishops be BENIGN,
      when their very “job description” is TO TEACH ?? [ the
      Catholic Faith ] But your conclusion covers it well: if
      they’re NOT focussed on JESUS . . they’re both in and
      OF the World. Bishop Joseph Strickland, for one, is
      their Jesus Model.

      WHY this reluctance to stand by, to FEAR, Jesus ? ?
      . . the God-Man . . FULLY Human, FULLY Divine.

      1. You are correct . I use “benign neglect” with an intent to communicate that which the Bishops think about themselves. I believe,many of them believe, that they are truly doing the right thing . In other words they are true believers in heresy .
        Which means, as they call good evil , they believe they are the good and that their actions are benevolent . In other words , in doing the “good” they believe in, it is “benign” as they are unable to contemplate the consequences of their beliefs . Neglect , because they should be able to calculate and contemplate the consequences to the faithful. The road to hell is paved with good intentions !!!


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