Bishop Strickland Declared Evil In Grotesque Smear

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And he’s criticized for suddenly changing his mind about the thing he could’ve been legitimately criticized about.





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3 thoughts on “Bishop Strickland Declared Evil In Grotesque Smear

  1. Some questions, Anthony. Is invincible ignorance even
    possible today, given the floods of “revelations” streaming
    onto the internet. Insofar as it creates CONFUSION, I
    suppose not.

    As for Bishop Strickland’s original “take” on Amoris Laetitia
    [ i.e. rooted, according to his understanding THEN, in the
    unbroken marital teachings of the Church’s
    Magisteria ], a “second reading” made him change his
    mind; our minds aren’t “rigid” like Francis thinks the
    Church’s Deposit of Faith is.

    This is not “making excuses” for anyone so much as
    IT IS salvaging and employing Catholic principles of
    DISCERNMENT in a highly chaotic world.

    To my understanding of that Faith, Grace [ “ALL is
    grace.” St. Teresa of Avila; Ste. Thérèse of Lisieux ]
    aids us according as we plead for and respond to
    the “graces of the moment”. [ praying without ceasing;
    the Rosary; a Novena; regular Confession; Mass;
    Holy Communion; meditation; on-going discernment ].

    @11:27 ff ” . . He never affirms [ the Church’s Tradition
    and Teachings ].” Bingo ! Francis’s barely-audible mumblings
     —homilies and talks to GROUPS — are anything but
    “affirming”. Even his philosophy of “accompaniment” of
    serious sinners “as they are” are hard to swallow because
    they aren’t much more than yet ANOTHER exercise of
    the lips. We each and all are a
    sinner, carried into the Light of Christ THROUGH THE
    being NOT Frankie.

    The Apostolic Mass, the Mass of the Ages, will continue
    to save us because the OFFERTORY of the SACRIFICE
    OF CALVARY remains intact.
    [ See Fr. Ripperger’s
    reflections of Our Lady of Sorrows:
    com/watch?v=QqKV28eSaWo, or Bishop Scheider’s
    book: The Catholic Mass: Returning GOD to the Mass.

    1. CORRECTION: “Insofar as it creates CONFUSION, some
      of its victims, the confused, might plead ignorance of Church
      teaching. As for Bishops, whose very “job description” it is
      TO TEACH . . more Rosaries, please !!

  2. Most Loved Anthony ,

    What Is the Story of David and Saul?

    It is the story of Pope Francis and the “remnant” ? The below biblical commentary puts things in perspective?

    While there are a few Psalms and other places in Scripture dealing with their relationship, the most prominent place to observe the relationship between these two men is 1 Samuel 15-31. The reader can see a definite shift in the narrative between 1 Samuel 15 and 16. Saul is rejected by the LORD in one chapter and the boy David is anointed by the Lord as the king to take his place. The readers of 1 Samuel are given clues to the rejection of Saul and the rise of David, but as the story played out in real-time it would have likely been far more jolting to David.
    OT scholar, Robert Bergen, has argued pretty definitively that the narrator of 1 Samuel portrays David as the most loyal and devoted of Saul’s citizens. When Saul was tormented by an evil spirit, it was David who stepped in. When Saul’s army was on the brink of humiliation it was the young David who rose to Goliath’s challenge. He did everything that Saul asked of him. But in 1 Samuel 18 we read that Saul became jealous of the accolades given to David. Everything goes south in the relationship from this point forward.

    Yet, Mary’s Immaculate Heart Will Triumph

    Blessings, Dr.Scott


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