Heretic Bishops Threaten Schism If They Don’t Get Their Way

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The temper tantrum is real.




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One thought on “Heretic Bishops Threaten Schism If They Don’t Get Their Way

  1. ” .. dead faith of the living, WHEN YOU CLOSE YOURSELF OFF .. ”
    Really ?? In that case, Francis, please practise what you preach.
    I mean, ” .. DEAD faith of the living,” YOURS, eh!

    You have closed yourself off from THE CHURCH’S Sacred Deposit
    of Faith, calling it “rigid”, when YOU are the dictatorial, unbending
    rigid one.

    Without the LIVING FAITH of the ages, the Faithful and YOURSELF
    are left to careen down the “white raging waters” of immanentist
    subjective feelings, the cancerous free-radicals of eccentric peculiar
    opinions, no longer protected by the Anchor of Hope because the
    Helmsman INTENDS for the Barque of St. Peter to crash on the
    rocks of schisms and heresies.


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