Francis Just Seized Control Of The Most Important Catholic Charity

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Either every major Catholic charity is corrupt or something else is going on.



Pius XII: Remember The North American Martyrs:

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One thought on “Francis Just Seized Control Of The Most Important Catholic Charity

  1. Anymore, the question, intrepid podcaster Anthony, which
    BEGS an answer throughout ALL internet prognostications,
    predictions, and forecasts, is: “Will Francis EVER look UP
    from his secure, merely-HUMANLY-defined surface of this
    Planet . . be SEIZED by the SAME call [ of total Sacrificial
    annihilation ] as were that mighty OX of a man, Jean de
    Brébeuf and his hearty and holy Norman French Companions?”

    Thérèse of Lisieux was of the same Norman stock . . who,
    in total Joy and Surprise, accepted to be made the perfect
    catalyst for “unleashing” Jesus’ Merciful Love on a sadder
    because fear-based Jansenist World . . cascades of Heavenly

    Back to that expansive era of discovery and claims for “King and
    Country”: your regular runners-of-the-woods (“Coureurs de Bois”),
    fur-trappers and traders, settlers, stump blowers and rock
    clearers, towns people, carpenters, masons, clerks, governing
    officials and pioneer farm families .. along the St.Lawrence River
    in Lower Canaada [ Québec ] and along the Thames River in
    Upper Canada [ Ontario ] .. these folks NEVER lived and did
    life’s basics AT THEIR EASE. Life, while forever invigorating,
    was often brutal . . yet Hope-filled, because Faith-engaged and
    Neighbour-oriented . . the beginnings of Hospitals served by
    Religious Nursing Sisters.

    If OVER-ALL comfort (and true ignorance) today govern
    our lives and culture . . everything readily at hand . . food,
    water, fancy drinks, means of travel, tip-of-the-finger
    conversation, ENJOYMENT around every corner .. if all
    this and more has come to define OUR culture and
    lifestyle, who do we think will be our Judges, come that
    FINAL DAY OF RECKONING .. ho-hum, thankless, never-
    satisfied us? Of course I’m exaggerating, BUT .. does
    even the “Golden Rule” RULE human, business, even
    Religious intercourse and interaction? How can one
    forget G.K.Chesterton’s “Democracy of the Dead”?

    “Human” macro-shenanigans canNOT cancel the
    Mystical Body of Christ!

    In the end, St.Michael and his Cohorts will crash the
    gates of Hell, instead of the other way around. Sorry
    about that Satan ‘ol buddy ‘ol buddy.

    Nosirree! Prairie Grandpa Bob has NO “sympathy
    for the Devil”, contrary to what Mick Jagger and
    his Rolling Stones might profess.


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