Francis’ Henchmen Declare: Trads Guilty Of UNFORGIVABLE SIN

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They’re being just a touch melodramatic.




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4 thoughts on “Francis’ Henchmen Declare: Trads Guilty Of UNFORGIVABLE SIN

  1. We have reconcile 2 seeming contradictions: before the end there will be a great apostasy; the Church built on the pope can never fail. The only way I can see both happening is if someone who is not the pope is followed blindly as though he has any preveniant grace.

  2. Bergoglio casually blasphemes against the Holy Spirit in almost every utterance. Martin blasphemes the Holy Spirit. The sick anti-Christ’s running this fake synod blaspheme the Holy Spirit. This is not a casual allegation, but the plain and terrible truth.

  3. In my opinion the longer this nonsense continues the more we, the faithful are left w/o a visible pope to guide and lead us in the right direction which, as we know, is back to the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His true Church. I’m in the process of reading Bishop Fulton Sheen’s most essential book, Life of Christ. He knew the Truth and preached it faithfully. Does it not bother the prelates of the church who continue to speak on the vagaries of the synod but who still after ten years of the Bergoglian heresies, have not presented us w/their plan to remove him.? Why is that? In the same way that John 23rd, Paul vi, and John Paul 2 made excuses as to why they would not consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we, the faithful, are left bewildered and afraid because we know there is Chastisement on the doorstep of the Church that is now in complete chaos. We will see and experience those chastisements. God is very angry and will no longer withhold His Justice.

  4. Thank you, Anthony, for your rigorously thorough analysis
    of what .. well, amounts to the BLACK HEART of Anti-Church.

    ” (@ .40 sec. ff ) .. an absurd claim; I can barely not laugh
    while saying it.” Looks to me like they’re scraping the bottom
    of the fermented cider barrel. Yet more excuses to buttress
    their demonic insanity .. aiming to corrupt ALL of the Church’s
    Faith and Morals .. once again more “gaslighting”, projecting
    THEIR “rigid” unbelief onto the Church & her Teaching.

    These folks have NEVER promoted the Sacraments, in
    particular Sacramental Confession, thus ECLIPSING the
    forgiveness and absolution following upon any and every
    GOOD Confession .. leaving the way open for final
    impenitence. THEY’RE the ones who CONTINUE TO
    since against the ( REAL ) Holy Spirit!

    Veteran Exorcist, Fr. Chad Ripperger, points out that
     —during one case of exorcism he got the demon to
    answer the question: “Should you be given to live
    your life over again, would you choose the same
    (end-of-life) decision?” —the demon replied he
    would change NOTHING in his choosing Eternal

    “St. Joseph, terror of demons, pray for us, pray
    for the Church.”


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