Heretic Bishops Are Using Benedict XVI’s Name To Promote Evil In The Church

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I hate to say I told you so, but….




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6 thoughts on “Heretic Bishops Are Using Benedict XVI’s Name To Promote Evil In The Church

  1. Anthony, found this on facebook. This is more than 2 years ago but thought it pertinent. Don’t know if it has any legs since i have not run across this before. Thoughts?

    Cardinal Godfried Danneels confesses before dying: “11 cardinals worked in the shadows to force Pope Benedict XVI to resign”…
    Eleven discommunicated cardinals (Bergoglio is one of them): there was no succession. Cardinal Godfried Danneels before he died confesses that he and other cardinals planned and architected forcing Pope Benedict XVI to resign, and leave Bergoglio. According to canonal law, this group, which itself defines a “mafia”, is discommunicated by the “latae sententiae”. In the last week of September 2015, Cardinal Daneels presented his biography in Brussels, and acknowledged the existence of a group of Cardinals who worked together to control the succession of Giovanni Paolo II and prevent Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (who was then prefect of the Congregation for the doctrine of faith) to ascend to the chair of Peter. In the presentation, Danneels revealed that he had been part of a “mafia” (with Cardinals Kasper, Silvestrini, Van Luyn, Martini, Murphy O’Connor, Lehman, da Cruz, Husar and Hume) and that they worked in the shadows to force Pope Benedict XVI to resign and to “enable” Jorge Mario Bergoglio to become Pope. It should be emphasized that this “mafia”, known among them as “The St. Gallo Group” (because of the Swiss monastery where their meetings were held) has self-communicated from the Church, as promulgated by the apostolic constitution Universi Domenici Gregis of John Paul II, which prohibits plots and the Agreements between cardinals to influence the election of a pope. Article 79 says: “Confirming the requirements of my predecessors, I prohibit anyone, even if he is a cardinal, during the Pope’s life and without consulting him, to make plans regarding the election of his successor, or to promise votes, or to make decisions regarding it in private meetings.”
    And in Article 81 it is established that these agreements are punished by excommunication “latae sententiae” (that is automatic, without the need for a declaration from anyone, ipso facto and eo ipso). The information revealed by Cardinal Daneels, days before the Synod, coincides with that published by Austin Ivereigh, in his book “The Great Reformer” in which he reveals how, during the 2013 conclave, four cardinals of the Saint Galen Mafia group (Kasper, Lehman, Danneels and Murphy O’Connor) got together to orchestrate Illegally a campaign in favor of Bergoglio’s election, after the latter agreed to be the beneficiary of this plot. The statements made by Cardinal Danneels in the presentation of his biography lead to the following conclusions:
    1) A group of eight cardinals are released from the church today: Bergoglio, Danneels, Kasper, Silvestrini, Van Luyn, Husar, Lehman and O’Connor. Three have already died without any proof that the exommunication was lifted: Hume, Da Cruz and Martini.
    2). The renunciation of Benedict XVI was invalid, as a result of the moral pressure, of a plot against him by which he was forced to resign. The successor was elected invalidly through intrigue, expressly prohibited by the Constitution which regulates succession.
    3). Although there are already elements that prove the existence of this conspiracy, this is the first time that one of the conspirators openly and publicly accepts it. As lawyers usually say, where there is a confession, demonstration is not necessary.

    1. Nice “Grave digging” Sam !!

      Let us hope and pray that this (hard?) evidence and
      N.Y. Canonist Fr. Gerald Murray’s observations ( see
      The Catholic Thing, Fr. Murray’s recent articles) combine
      to get Cardinals and Bishops to ” . . STOP THIS
      MADNESS. NOW.”

      Elsewhere: “The Working Document [ Synod on Synodality ]
      calls for the Church to perate with ‘transparency’ (#79).
      A good place to begin would be for the Synod Secretariat
      to publish ALL the written submissions received. DID ANY
      . . LAMENT: the loss of faith in the Real Presence of
      Christ in the Eucharist; the lack of Priestly vocations in
      the developed world; the steep decline in Mass atten-
      dance, baptisms, and CHURCH weddings; the scandal of
      bishops and cardinals repeatedly contradicting Church
      teaching in public; the loss of Catholic faithful to
      evangelical churches; the collapse of the Catholic
      school system in the developed world; the widespread
      phenomenon of liturgical abuses while the celebration
      of the Traditional Latin Mass is harshly curtailed or
      even forbidden; the collapse of religious orders due
      to secularization and the rejection of doctrinal fidelity
      and ascetical living ??

      There is plainly an open revolution going on in the
      Chruch today, an attempt to convince us that an
      embrace of heresy and immorality is NOT sinful . . “

      1. It’s hard to argue there. The millions of Catholics having left the church in the last fifty years, estimated 80-90% Catholics practicing birth control, loss of belief in the Real Presence or a faulty understanding thereof , forget about confession but everyone going to Communion, explains a lot that appears to be in the book of Apocalypse and Lucy’s 3rd secret. How many rosaries are being said with current catholic numbers compared to 60 years ago?

        From SSPX Br. Michael: “…This will be the great apostasy predicted for the ‘last times’; ‘the False Lamb’ and ‘False Prophet’ will betray the Church to the profit of ‘the Beast,’ according to the prophecy of the Apocalypse.” We’ve heard this before , those that pay attention no doubt.

        Malachi Martin was asked regarding the 3rd secret and a false prophet (pope) and he replied ‘if it were only that’. I think he implied the antichrist . Perhaps that is one reason why Lucy had such trouble writing the secret down until she pleaded with her bishop to order her.

        1. Like you say, Sam, ” . . can’t argue with [ all ] that
          [ hard prophetic evidence ] ” . . except, plead Heaven
          with the “counter evidence” of Our Lady’s [ REQUESTED ]
          daily Rosaries.

          One “hopes against hope” . . like Moses for his people.

          Still, as you rightfully wonder: “How many rosaries are
          BEING SAID with current catholic numbers compared t
          o 60 years ago?”

          Thus, with Padre St. Pio, we repeat: “HAND ME MY
          WEAPON !” . . until “twenty minutes after the Devil
          knows I’m dead” (old Irish saying).

          Thanks for keeping us “the Real”, Sam.

  2. It is impossible to convert ci gengenital &patholical liars like Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

  3. Thanks for telling us anyway, Anthony. For myself
    the abiding problem remains: self-appointed freedom
    to subjectively comment at will.

    @7:34 f “. . the essay I wrote . . part of a trilogy
    [ which me, myself, and I also wrote ] etc. etc. ”
    He walzes right past the CHURCH’S Sacred Deposit
    of Faith. No acknowledgements. No distinctions. No
    apologies. Modernist scribe.

    @7:41 ff ” Where . . to go AS CHURCH . . to be AS
    A CHURCH . . ” That red flag has been flapping
    wildly in the Modernist hurricane. There’s no such
    thing as “as-a-church”, or “as-church”. There is only
    the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, whose
    “KEYS” (Divine Authority) have been securely placed
    in the hands of St. Peter.

    But . . how MANY of these “as-a-church”es are there ??
    It’s like many mice nibbling THEIR cut off “the Big
    Cheese”, the Church!

    Whereas the “Memory” of the Church —from its birth
    until now —is Mary, MARY MOTHER OF THE CHURCH.
    Jesus, her Son [fully Human; fully Divine], and her
    countless other sons fully set forth and ilucidate that title:
    Mary, Mother of the Church. A handful will suffice:
    the authors of Sacred Scripture (Gen. 3:20; Rev. 12:17);
    St. Ambrose (early Church Fathers); Pope St.Leo I
    “the great” (440-461); Pope Leo XIII (1885); Pope St.
    John Paul II (placed it in the CCC, #505; #963, 1992);
    Pope Francis inserted it into the Roman Calendar (2018
    on the Monday following the Solemnity of Pentecost,
    the Birthday of the Church) —see EWTN, “Catholicism”

    About the same time: Robert Cardinal Sarah, as prefect
    of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of
    the Sacraments, writes, ” . . if we want to grow and be filled
    with the love of God, it is necessary to PLANT OUR LIFE
    FIRMLY ON the three great realities: THE CROSS, THE
    are the three mysteries that God gave to the world in
    order to structure, fructify, and SANCTIFY our INTERIOR
    LIFE and LEAD US TO JESUS. These three mysteries
    are to be contemplated IN SILENCE.”


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