The Vatican Shows Contempt For The Bishops In Leaked Latin Mass Ban Document

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This is not the expected final document, which may be here April 3, but a document by Cardinal Roche flexing his perceived authority over the bishops in the name of Francis.




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3 thoughts on “The Vatican Shows Contempt For The Bishops In Leaked Latin Mass Ban Document

  1. Can you provide the document so we can read it in one piece instead of multiple screenshots ourselves?

  2. Why do I always experience a sense of smugness
    when confronted with Cardinal Roche’s pontifications ?

    CONTEMPT for the Bishops ? . . and, down the road
    a piece, CONTEMPT for the lay Faithful? . . then,
    CONTEMPT for Christ and His Church?

    Why not say it out loud NOW, instead of being led
    by the nose adhering to THEIR timetable? Their
    TRAJECTORY for the Church is not rocket science.
    It’s the OBVIOUS path to anyone left with common
    sense and free from all fears.

    Like the many WHITE hares hopping around this
    Province (Alberta, Canada) we scamper clear of
    Cardinal Roche’s headlines, know REALITY ( and
    food) is much closer to the ground.

    It’s all about the ABSENCE of Eucharistic Adoration
     —knowing them by their fruits —within the Vatican
    enclave . . overgrown with every known heretical

    Homework? . . 1 John 2 . . until we KNOW that
    we’re of Christ and HIS Church, the Beloved
    Disciple’s letter combined with a taking to heart
    the Homily of Archbishop Viganò on Our Lady’s
    Purification, hers and ours, in virtue of the
    INFINITE merits of Her Son’s Passion and Death
    on Calvary . . for our sins, we imitating Mary’s
    own obedience to Jewish Law then in force.

    Every Mass confects Christ’s Real Presence,
    through the Priest’s Consecration of the Victim/
    Host, whether in the Apostolic Mass of the ages,
    or in the Novus Ordo Mass of problematic fame
    and practice. Francis, per Cardinal Roche, aims
    to extinguish the former. What, under these
    current Law now (almost) in force, would Our
    Lady do?

    Pray her Rosary!

  3. A travesty beyond all travesties. Most traditional Catholics know this because we know none of these sanctions are canonical in regard to the never abrogated Traditional Roman Catholic Latin Mass. Either Francis is a public heretic or not; can’t have it both ways. Since he is also a Mason and a Marxist it behooves us as to why he is still sitting in Rome even though he himself does not refer to himself as “Pope Francis”. We are allowing him to make a mockery of the faith, its traditions and its canons. In the meantime the Church is in chaos. I am calling on the upper clergy, the prelates, to act and to act before the PTB place many more sanctions on Holy Mother Church, her faithful priests and bishops and the laity. Time is running out and God the Father is preparing His final call to repent and to come back to His Church, the one He shed every ounce of His Precious Blood for so we could be saved from eternal damnation.


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