The Battle For The Faith Kicks Off: Bishops Clash In Prague

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To the casual observer this will seem pretty peaceful. But sparks flew in Prague at the Continental Meeting of the Synod of Synodality.




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3 thoughts on “The Battle For The Faith Kicks Off: Bishops Clash In Prague

  1. Why do some fall for the bogus measurement of
    “relevance” . . cravenly in the service of wholly unstable
    WORDLY powers . . building on SAND? Was Christ
    “relevant” in His day, or now, or during any era in

    OR . . was He “just” JESUS, the Christ, fully Human
    and fully Divine . . “the SAME yesterday, today, AND

    The gathering in Prague —city of lights and statues and
    (Faith in-spired) spires —does NOT, in its deliberations,
    access as the OBVIOUS FOUNDATION for discussing
    CHRIST and the Sacred Deposit of Faith. Instead, spur-
    of-the-moment based on feelings.

    ANY “serious tension” or synodal “question” . . the role of
    women, the “messages of justice that WE want to proclaim
    OUTSIDE the Church”, men not worthy of the name, gross
    ignorance of what THE CHURCH teaches, children with
    NO guidance or Faith Instruction, the abundance of
    scandals in 1st/ the Church and 2nd/ the world . . ANY
    serious tension or question will get nowhere if not
    “planted” in the Church’s Deposit of Faith. Aha! .. hm,
    but that means STUDYING the Deposit first, i.e. the
    Catechism Of The Catholic Church, which contains
    (spells out) and GUARDS all teachings on: Scripture,
    Dogma, Papal Magisteria, Wisdom of the Saints.

    If not . . then go figure! They’ll be —once again !—
    discussin’ and discussin’ and discussin’, sharing
    ignorance, ’til those Czech Republic cows come home
    into their barns . . carrying FRESH milk, something
    which even interminable talk and “creative tensions”
    can’t ever produce.

    “This is CHRIST’S Church,NOT ours to (re)create at
    will to OUR specifications.” But —wait a minute! —
    what about those CREATIVE tensions? Do I want
    them wasted? . . do I want “Synodality” ground to a
    non-creative standstill? Oh yes I DO! . . exactly that!

    Church remains as viable and available as ever.

    Lent is “just around the corner”. Let’s clean out your
    fridges on “Fat Tuesday” ( Mardi Gras) . . russel up
    the BEST maple-syrop-soaked-butter-covered pancakes
    and sausages . . but on ASH WEDNESDAY make a
    quiet, slow, examination of Conscience [ any
    number of Examens available on the Internet ] followed
    by a . . “Good Confession”.

    Come Holy Spirit!

  2. As was the case at the Second Vatican Council, those outliers of the faith did the same thing which was to push the Church towards achieving the goal of John 23rd and his modernist movement of opening her sacred doors to the world. Can it be any more obvious? The synod on synodality is a heresy in itself because it seeks to place bishops on par w/the papacy. Do Catholics not see this? The Polish position of resistance is to be commended and followed by the rest of the Church who want to remain Catholic. Those who want to change the Church and her teachings are enemies of the Church and should be cancelled on the basis of Her Magisterium which is her teaching authority. Not to challenge this outrageously sinful push by the modernists would be playing w/fire and might even become the one unforgiveable sin against the Holy Spirit if we submitted to their demands because then we really would have a worldly entity in the place of our most Holy and Apostolic faith handed down from God to His Apostles for the purpose of evangelizing/baptizing all in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Is anyone aware that there is the other horrific question lying in wait for the Church if it should succomb to this unthinkable heresy? It has to do w/the coming of the Antichrist as Benedict told us before he died. This is all about destroying the faith and replacing it w/ the church of the AntiCrist and the Man of Perdition.

    1. Once again, so VERY well-said, Mr. Terranova !

      Death, (particular) Judgement, Heaven (Purgatory), or Hell
      still remain the ONLY outcomes for Souls ONCE Eternity
      becomes the reality for DECEASED Souls . . mine, yours,
      each & all.


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