Guest Submission: Resurrection Prayer

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By Wil Boomhower


To live my life in the light of your cross

is my greatest aspiration.

to carry my crosses

with dignity and humility and patience

is what you ask of me.

So I must ask you, Lord…

to walk in my shoes.  Feel

the cracks and fractures that

             plague my blistered feet.

         The weight that bears on my weary spirit

          does not compare to that crude timber

          that saddled you as you stumbled and

held you as you died.

And then you rose as you had promised

and I see you now…

        passing through a concrete canyon where

        debris clutters alleys and rustles harshly

        across empty parking lots and settles in

                    alcoves of buildings with bolted doors and

                             boarded/broken windows.

I can find you

                 walking in that part of town,

searching dumpsters for fragments of life…

cast offs seen as having no value.

And you take your meals there.

   You break your bread and

      share it.

And you know what it is to be

preyed upon, forgotten, overlooked, devalued

and dismissed.

You, the One Who Is

       the beating heart of Mercy and Grace

      confirms the value of that which is broken

  yet has not been abandoned.

This Heart beats through the cross You carried —

expanding, contracting, collapsing and pulsing in a cosmic

interplay of passions and truth juxtaposed,

      fractal, vectoring —

bleeding radiance.

You are Being stated Infinitely,

       defined in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We are recursive…

we are refined in You…

And we yearn for Your completeness.


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