Guest Submission: SIMPLICITY

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 By Wil Boomhower                


                    the roads i walk

                    take crooked steps

                    to get me where i’m going.

                step by step, it’s understood

                that journeys add the knowing; 

                    each step asking…

                    do you care?….. and if you should?

                    embrace me!


                    dreams and nightmares

                    from of old, whisper ‘cross the ages……

                words of wisdom echo now

                 from the mouths of dusty sages.


                    and politics incites the tribes;

                    it sets them off in rages.

                each longs for power — yearns for more

                of that which feeds the fire,

                like dry kindling on the beach

                when the tides are rising higher.




                    so here I stand,

                    owning the valley of death

                    and understanding

                    it’s a grim stewardship,

                    enough to test the metal

                    of any man who claims to be its equal,

                    or covets the rush

                    as he hurls through the trough,

                    stirring bone-dust from the bottom

                    as power hurtles by, defining  

                    failed apprenticeship, taking another breath!




                    vision forms the inner-world/reality accedes

                 as charlatans breathe vapid screed

                    that magnifies division

                    and dreamers fail to pull back the veil

                 and show us a beating heart

                 impaled, as it bleeds.





                 I shudder at the bold simplicity

                 of being.  I walk in catholicity…

                 this mystery embracing.

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