4 thoughts on “French Freemasons Working To Turn Notre Dame Into A Secular Cathedral

  1. A great site to learn about the history, agenda, & current news of everything against the true Church of Christ–the Roman Catholic Church, as evidenced by 2000 years of history!

  2. Anthony, could you point us toward the article on which you based your vlog today? I wanted to send something to my French friends, and it’s easier for them to read then understand English over an audio recording. Thanks.

  3. Not Surprising ! Not new as the statue of Liberty was designed and installed by a famous french Freemason from one of the lodges in France.

    He based the statue on a Roman godess who was queen of temple prostitution. Hence she is described as the whore of Babylon and she has done her job well as around 70 % of porn is produced by USAmerica. Also most sexual immorality, depravity originated here and went across the oceans.

    State of France is deplorable, less than 5000 baptisms a year and godlessness abounds. All this started with King Louis refusing to consecrate France to the Sacred heart of Jesus when God’s wishes were conveyed to him by St Margaret Mary Aloque.

    The French revolution followed with the Masonic ” Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”. Churches were closed, statues of the church broken, convents closed leaving over 7000 nuns penniless and friendless. Some were sunk in the river Sienne……

    Pompidou famously said he wants to strike the name of God from Europe.He died recently and an easy guess where he is now. in the final years France now moves to new masonic heights or rather depths……… Sad !


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