New EXPLOSIVE Fatima Documentary Will Rock The Church

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Trads who’ve been studying the crisis in the Church for years will say ‘so what?’ but remember: Most Catholics have never heard of this allegation about the allegedly fake Sister Lucia, and for them this will be a glimpse into another world, made possible by a mainstream television network airing this thing.

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4 thoughts on “New EXPLOSIVE Fatima Documentary Will Rock The Church

  1. Did the documentary referred to being aired in August 2020 ever air? I can’t find any in numerous search attempts…

  2. When I first saw the photo what struck me was the lack of holiness in the face. Anyhow, I thought she’s gone old…….. anyhow she’s gone forever now, where ? purgatory or …..?

  3. I agree with the contention and supporting facts of Sister Lucy Truth and Novus Ordo Watch that the Vatican used an imposter to replace the real Sister Lucy.


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