2 thoughts on “The Vatican Continues On The Ecological Crazy Train

  1. Yes, I abroadly agree with Dowd that ones eternal life is most important and no compromise whatever on salvation. Being green, being successfully green
    and neglecting the soul of your flock is foolishness.

    What is required to be understood is that now is the time to catch the bull by its horns. Talk about the RFID chip, the present covid chastisment, coming chastisments given by so many saints like the three day of darkness, the destruction of Babylon, earthquakes, wormwood, etc etc and preparation by storing essentials and even more important preparation of one’s soul. If in mortal sin do not delay your confession !

    A healthy pro- active program for saving souls is a must at this last hour as the post- covid world will be totally different as chastisment follows chastisment.

    Long back I read a book by Benny Hinn and he spoke of his visit to the Vatican and meetings with its leadership. He said as he completed his stay there and left the place he got the strong impression of the lack of the Holy Spirit in its clergy.

    Having left the Catholic Church for around thirty years and then re- entered after being touched by a holy Lady of the Greek Orthodox Church I find the same. If so how does the church survive ? Firstly few do walk in the ways of the Spirit, secondly Mother Mary protects and guides the Church. No bible, no study, no problem, her rosaries, novenas etc will guide one to eternal salvation.

  2. Yes, another reminder that the officials of the Catholic Church are not doing their job—the job of helping us attain eternal life. They have their minds on other things. Things like socialist politics, ecology, political correctness, etc. This has largely been the case since Vatican II when the Church “opened itself to the world”. The result has been that most Catholics have become Protestant in their view of sexual morality, lacking knowledge of their religion, indifferent or unbelieving towards the Sacraments, All of this was outlined by Our Lady at her various visitations. Now is the time when the Great Chastisement will soon be upon us according to St. Padre Pio. Now is the time to pray and return to God.


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