Francis SLAMS Faithful Catholics For Wanting The Faith

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The Modernists changed a lot more than the liturgy, though the change to the liturgy did change the faith and what we believe.





Bishop Athanasius Schneider: The Springtime That Never Came (book)

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One thought on “Francis SLAMS Faithful Catholics For Wanting The Faith

  1. I have commented here before but for whatever reason my last comment was not published. I will repeat it because it needs repeating. As a Jesuit and as the Bishop of Argentina, his then Jesuit Superior General Fr. Kolvenbach sent a letter to the then Papal Nuncio stating a and giving clear testimony that Francis was, among other things, “cunning” and that he should NEVER BE PROMOTED. The letter was lost and Francis was promoted to the office of Archbishop of Argentina. Many saints and fathers of the past have repeatedly stated that if a pope is a manifest heretic he automatically excommunicates himself. The true Catholic Church and its teachings are indefectible and the Holy Spirit is with her as His Bride. He will not forsake her, nor will He allow His Holy Mother to be insulted, etc. We are treading a very sinister course and if our upper eschelon clergy do not step up to the plate and speak the Truth boldly, we are going to suffer immense chastisements. This is both written in Holy Scripture and stated in many approved prophecy.


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