Is Ted McCarrick Still Manipulating The Catholic Church?

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With Francis’ recent promotions it looks like he’s the one running the Church.




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3 thoughts on “Is Ted McCarrick Still Manipulating The Catholic Church?

  1. GOOD (yes, Good. Christ endures through, with, and in all) MORNING, Anthony. Seems to me that, once these
    evils began —going back to Marx’s “Das Capital”, even before that to the French Revolution, and EVEN before
    that to the consolidation of Freemasonry in 1717 in England —there’s no end of ’em. Bad culture breeds itself. Whether or not McCarrick IS the new “Black Pope”—first attributed to the (SAINTED) Generals of the Sons of St. Ignatius) —these REAL EVILS afoot will have to play out ACCORDING TO the Will of the RE-Crucified Christ.

    Venerable Pope Pius XII, pray for the Church; pray for us!

    1. POSTCRIPT: (WWII . . during air-raids) “Punctually at 11pm, the door opened and Pius XII crossed the small corridor to go, as was his custom, into the chapel. Since he left the door open behind him, I could see his tall figure kneeling at the big pre-dieu. AT THE SIGHT OF HIM ALL FEAR LEFT ME and did not return even when he ceased his prayers and went back to work at midnight.”  —Sr. Pascalina Lehnert, chapter 6, “The Tiara as a Crown of Thorns: the Second World War”.

      POSTSCRIPT #2: For we Laity, Spiritual Peace will result by engaging in battle. “We’re not going to have Spiritual Peace if we are not willing to engage in battle . . Communists, like the Demons, can’t just be waved off.
      They’re not going to tolerate that. And you cannot soft-glove them. The only thing you can really do with demons is YOU HAVE TO CRUSH THEM UNDERFOOT. Which is what Our Lady does, of course. But you have to do that, and that is what they (the Demons) understand . . we have to go on the offensive . . to man-up . . to not lose heart. Now is the time when we should be buckling down.”  —veteran Exorcist, Fr. Chad Ripperger.

      If, on the other hand, we respond with: “I give up. Yooz guys (Demons) win”, that’s like —in the instructions given by St.Catherine of Siena (read The Dialogue) —handing over our free will, which, in the hands of the Demons, IS A KNIFE, with which “he will stab and kill you”.


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