Francis Smashes Nuns and Monks In Brazen Move Against The Faith

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Francis is wasting no time in trying to strangle the traditionalist movement in religious communities




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3 thoughts on “Francis Smashes Nuns and Monks In Brazen Move Against The Faith

  1. The short answer is that Francis’ latest action which is his a result of his CHANGING OF CANON LAW, can only be described as LAWLESSNESS. Being a heretic now morphs into him acting as a lawless heretic of the first magnitude. That term is reserved for the “lawless one” as described in the Holy Scriptures. The synodal “church” is in apostasy.

  2. The following, from Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s recent book, The Springtime That Never Came (Sophia/ 2021/
    chapter 6, “The Leftist Face Of The Church”), uncovers the radically Left-leaning Bergoglio’s UNCatholic, NWO,
    This-Worldly, Christless humanism. “All these concrete actions, statements, and gestures seem to indicate that we
    are dealing with an attempt to build a church . . completely conformed to the world . . of a church that is aligned with
    andadapted to the world . . to achieve objectives that have nothing to do with Catholicism . . (but) for building an
    unbelieving, humanistic new world . . It’s clearly a far-reaching ABUSE of papal authority . . ”

    So, there goes ANY chance of the “planting” and “nurturing” and “flowering” of ANY AND ALL contemplative and
    active CATHOLIC RELIGIOUS and LAY communities, associations, and traditional “Works of Charity.

    (From the Litany of the Saints)

    On the day of Judgement, be merciful to us sinners.
    That You will spare us, be merciful to us sinners.
    That You will pardon us, be merciful to us sinners.
    That it may please You to bring us to true repentence, be merciful to us sinners.

    To preserve in holy religion the Pope, and all those in Holy Orders, be merciful to us sinners.
    To humble the enemies of holy Church, be merciful to us sinners.

    To recall to the unity of the Church all those who are straying, be merciful to us sinners.

    1. POSTSCRIPT: To continue, Bishop Athansius makes Pope Francis’ abuse of Papal Authority abundantly clear: “ (he) will have to answer to God for these actions. (Having) accepted the most sacred office in the Church. He should be, according to THE NATURE OF THE PAPAL OFFICE, the most fervent promoter of the Catholic Faith, its staunchest defender and propagator [ . . and I would add: in the manner of Venerable Pope Pius XII, who’s very presence, ever-ready generous un-ending Charity to the starving, the needy, and the severly injured —his personal Holiness of life — carried the “Barque of Peter” through the worst evils, sufferings, and threats of Nazi occupation during WWII ] The most important task of the pope is to bring as many people as possible to Jesus, so that they will accept faith in Him and persevere in it. The pope should be the one most concerned with preserving the purity of the sacraments because (these) offer supernatural life. He should be the first to support the missions among non-Christians, the first to defend the purity of the holy Faith . . (and) UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD THE PAPAL OFFICE SERVE TO PROMOTE NATURALISM. What is the point of building up a world that is not rooted in the Gospel and the Faith?”

      A regular recitation of the LITANY OF ( THE SAINTS, or Loretto, of Humility, of St.Joseph) would be most appropriate “until 40 minutes after the Devil knows” we’ve passed into Eternity . . to be forever WITH CHRIST OUR KING!


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