Francis Praises Heretic Priest Who Was Likely Possessed By Demons

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It was inevitable that Teilhard de Chardin would come back into the news, especially with Laudato Si 2 coming in the next month.




Dietrich von Hildebrand: A Trojan Horse In The City Of God

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4 thoughts on “Francis Praises Heretic Priest Who Was Likely Possessed By Demons

  1. In Mongolia, we were once again shown the superficial love of all religious practice by the man in white. That is an admission of, at best, allowing the devil to also operate on the same level in mens’ lives as the One True Religion. He would be a hypocrite to not rehabilitate a possessed priest who spoke black lies for his master and raise him up for equal consideration, maybe higher, than a Father of the Church.

  2. Anthony ,

    I agree with Cornersnedges ; Chardin’s “poetry” is a nightmare of lucifarian infestatation ( many “pretty” mystical words of “thunder” and “lightning” signifying nothing ) . The lies of the false light are presented in writing as if “observed” 3rd person being “planted” within. Yes possessed . In the 3rd person there is an awareness of possession which calls ( identifies) evil as good .He accepts for himself a “specialness” ( power ) that is perceived as unavailable to others . He idolizes the “new” force which he experiences to enter him . He becomes oblivious to The Cross .

    The possessed lose their free will faculty to resist evil ( evil controls the will ) . It is true he may regret his “choice” ( mistaken ) and should be considered redeemable ( even so for the possessed) . BUT , it requires our prayers, the prayers of an exorcist , and the prayers of His Church . Francis should declare a rejection of his “ideas” ( who he chose to become ) and ask prayers for his restoration in The Sacred Heart of Jesus ( best case scenario he is in purgatory? ) .

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr. Scott )

    1. Scott, “restoration in the Sacred Heart of Jesus”
      still REMAINS the most high-yielding Source
      of conversion, blessings, and permanent return
      to the fullness of the Faith.

      Good analysis . . and a most effective solution,
      the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

      Prairie Grandpa

  3. I’m sorry, Anthony, but after introducing us to
    some of the worst aspects of de Chardin, why
    plunk a photo of the guy in front of us while
    reading his “incriminating evidence” ?

    Get him outa my sight, before “that look” on
    his face seduces me once again! He’s done
    it before, when I was a wet-behind-the-ears
    Jesuit Scholastic 54 years ago!

    This long quote might as well be the “mystical/
    Nietchean” mission-statement of Atheist
    Marxist Materialism . . blah-bing on and on,
    like a humanized wide-mouthed frog!

    De Chardin misunderstood? Glad of it !

    “(@9:22) .. to be made HOLY .. (@10:22) up,
    Man of GOD .. (@10:46) the spirit of the Earth
    which is TO BE SAVED [ but Christ’s Sacrifice
    already DID save —and IS saving —the Earth
    through the Mass ] . . ” ? ?

    After a bout with a Demon, in a long possession
    case, Fr. Chad Ripperger first “beat up” that
    Demon until he owned up to the fact that Christ
    and the (official) Exorcist were to be obeyed,
    NOT the Demon.

    When the Exorcist eventually ALLOWED the
    Demon to have his say, fallen angel divulged
    the secret of his malice, namely, to convince
    each victim ” that there is NO SEPARATION
    between them and WHAT THEY HAVE. [ Whereas
    God demands of us that we offer up our free will
    to His Will ].

    Therefore, being incapable of offering and
    sacrificing ANYTHING, the demon had blinkered
    his “suckers” into virtually cancelling the Holy
    SACRIFICE of the Mass! (link below):
    The Nature of Malice ( 22. 50 min )

    Benedicamus Domino!


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