Francis Tells Rigid Catholics What He Really Thinks

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Maybe we should get over it and move on.




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5 thoughts on “Francis Tells Rigid Catholics What He Really Thinks

  1. Bergoglio is a base, silly and corrupt little ideologue. It’s hard to believe that anyone is still afraid to speak the reality: he and his gaggle of pervs are squatters, are not Catholic, not in possession of ecclesial office no matter the kabuki theater and kowtowing to them, nor in any way “successors” of the Apostles.

    1. John H, your description reminds one of Henry VIII’s
      “a cancer in the body politic” [ movie: A Man For All Seasons ].
      Your description itself unveils a cancer of the heart,
      or worse, a cancer of the Soul. Frankie should paint
      his face black, like Justine Trudeau did on more than
      one occasion.

  2. Most Loved Anthony ,

    Amen, Amen , Amen

    Your critique is concise and to the point !!!
    I think it deserves an analogy , a recent quote by Viveek Ramaswasmy , in which he characterized the agenda of the LGBTQ community as following a pattern of conduct….”Tyranny by the minority “

    There you have it !! Modernists are motivated by “innovation”, “new” ideas ( ideologies/theologies/ancient heresy’s ) , BUT ,they are so caught up in their own egos and self love , that they project the need for listening and discernment onto those they do not want to listen to AND avoid contemplative prayer in consideration of that which they do not want to listen.

    It then transforms to Power. It is demonic in action , evil spirits which desire to dominate the majority . “We” can become bound and chained by the demons knots. BUT ( “they” forget ) Jesus has set US free !! His Word we listen to . His Blood we worship. And it is Hia Mercy we seek . “We” do not bow down before false idols ( we throw them in the river ) and we do not worship at altars consecrated to LGBTQ conduct (we reject syncretism) We reject tyranny in The Name of Jesus .

    Which asks , What is the action of a “traditionalist” in response ? I suggest, back to basics . Love God with all one’s mind, heart , and soul AND love the other as oneself . This includes speak out in love !! Pray constantly in love !! AND lead others to Christ in love . Satan and his demons have already lost ( they can not and will not listen or discern) , BUT Jesus and The Host of heaven has already vanquished them with His Judgements ( even if not yet seen by our human eyes ) .

    Our “job” ? Keep on doing what we are already doing . Remain loyal , steadfast , and DECLARE to others HIS TRUTH .

    Blessings, Raphael ( aka Dr.Scott )

  3. @.50 ff ” . . of how bad Catholics in America really are”.

    This is Frankie’s battering ram to bring about the
    destruction of Christ and His Church. It’s his labouring
    mightily to replace it with “an idol, a false christ and a
    false church.” [ pease dig up: Marian Movement of
    Priests, 1989, To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons,
    #406g, “The Beast With Two Horns Like a Lamb” . . the
    job-description of the task allotted to the “stone-cutters”
    running the highest offices in the Vatican.

    But the Rosary is INFINITELY more resilient that rigid,
    boney ram’s horns.

    Re. “a young activist stealing [ carved wooden earth-
    goddess idols ] and throwing them into the Tiber.”

    That young 6’5″ Austrian Catholic, Alex Tschugguel,
    knew and acted upon the Biblical passage which
    undergirds the FIRST COMMANDMENT ! I doubt
    if Mr. Lamb —and most Modernists —are even capable
    of the rest of the Decalogue. The live by human respect,
    cow-towing to how the Church is PERCEIVED [ by the
    World ].

    Managing and manipulating PERCEPTION is what
    Marxists do best. Simply sample a few of Exorcist
    Fr. Chad Ripperger’s (47?) short videos on the
    similarities between the psychology of Demons &

    And since when have there been “first, second, or
    third-class Catholics” in the SACRAMENTAL LIFE
    OF THE CHURCH ?? Never ! . . not since the first
    3000 “were added to their number”, due to the
    preaching of the Apostles since the descent of
    the [ TRUE ] Holy Spirit on them at Pentecost !

    . . what about YOUR preaching, Francis ??

    So, Francis, get over it !!

    1. Corrections: “pLease”; “thaN”; “capable of familiarizing
      themselves with the rest of the Decalogue”; “TheY”


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