Francis’ New Doctrine Chief Was Suspected Of Heresy

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He had been on a watch list for the Congregation For The Doctrine Of The Faith, which Francis has now placed him in charge of.




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2 thoughts on “Francis’ New Doctrine Chief Was Suspected Of Heresy

  1. Papa Roncalli set the stage for the anti-doctrinal ApeChurch when he reinstated the “theologians” & theology proscribed up through Pius XII. Since then, though the doctrinal chiefs might sound kind of Catholic and even have more rigor concerning more egregious heresies, nonetheless, the popes never pulled the trigger, save in a half dozen or so instances, to pump the heresy out of the seminaries & schools. For 65 years, “pastoralism” has been the excuse for NOT establishing orthodoxy & preventing transgressors from gaining power. When the Vatidroolers have been flushed finally from the infected bowels of the Church, God will establish right order, almost certainly without the decayed & rotten curial mechanisms.

  2. Hmmmmm . . the DoctrineS [ plural, ALL of ’em ! ] turned into
    an Ecclesial “poetic” designer’s FASHION show overnight,
    with the new chief [ Fernandez ] finessing the upcoming Dicastery
    with a familiar Hollywood edge: Frank Sinatra’s “I’ll be doing it
    [ CDF ] MY way!”


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