Fr Altman Stuns Catholics

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Fr Altman says, on camera with the world watching, that Francis is an antipope, and he says this while Francis’ new crop of cardinals are telling people what the plan for transforming the Church is and what it looks like.




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8 thoughts on “Fr Altman Stuns Catholics

  1. The Lord appoints his prophets and truth tellers in every age. If that appointee won’t go, He finds another. Fr Altman, Bishop Strickland, Archbishop Vigano, among a very few others, have given our Lord their “fiat mihi” for this age. If they are persecuted for their love and faithfulness to God first, then blessed are they to have the courage given by the Holy Spirit to stand in the breach with our Lord! Our Lord IS Truth. Blessed are we who stand in Truth. I pray daily for the conversion of Francis because love wills the good of the other. However, it cuts deeply to see the damage that man is doing to Christ’s Bride. In the end, though, as in all time, Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Chritus imperat. Amen and amen.

  2. I agree with Fr. Altman 100%. Thank God for him and Archbishop Vigano! As to those who won’t stand up for the Church in this hour, they are disgusting–blind, weaklings, or else themselves sold out to devils.

  3. At first, Fr. Altman lists the appointees as his error, but he goes on to list actions and his statements that he made that are heretic. Fr. Altman is so smart.

  4. “Altman STUNS Catholics . . ” Which Catholics? Those
    STILL asleep? Those who think a Pope I S the Will
    of God? Thos who think Francis is a genius?

    God the Father can ONLY be shown “in and through
    and with” His Son. This is amply unfolded in the Gospel
    accounts. Jesus’ birth, life, suffering, death, and resurrection
    factor pre-eminently at Nazareth, in Bethlehem, throughout
    Galilee, in Jerusalem, and [ wait for it ! ] after the descent of
    the Holy Spirit . . all recorded, explained, supported, collected,
    guarded and preserved in the Church’s Sacred DEPOSIT OF
    FAITH through time.

    If Francis deems this Deposit as “rigid” it’s only because
    his South American “Liberation” Theology is the arfefact
    imposed by atheist Marxist analysis. Marxism by nature
    is Lawless. Figures it’s free to change and alter CATHOLIC
    Faith and Morals when, and as, “needed”.

    @2:30 ff The man who said: ” . . those who presume to
    be great and who fabricate a god in their own image —
    powerful, INFLEXIBLE, VINDICTIVE . . those who are full
    of themselves, proud, concerned only about [ their OWN
    agenda ] . . convinced they do not need anyone, are not
    able to accept God as their Father.” . . the man who said
    that is the owner of the “pointing finger” who has just
    described H I M S E L F !

    Factor in galloping Modernism and Ecclesial Masonry into
    this “mix”, and we’re onto which IDEOLOGY rules POLITICAL
    OPINION in both the Vatican and the World, the very
    ideology which has succeeded in [ subtly ] befouling, dis-
    honouring and effectively scrapping the reality and
    memory of ANY Sovereign Body, in this case the SACRED
    Deposit of Faith, treasure of the Church.

    Why “Sacred”? Because, so long as the Holy SACRIFICE
    [ NOT meal ] of the Mass continues to offered, all fruits
    deriving from this saving Divine Venture are rendered

    Masonry and atheistic Marxism historically have always
    gone “hand-in-hand”. Francis’ INCREMENTAL praxis —
    destroying Christ and His Church a little at a time — is
    typical of the Marxist method of obliterating the TRUE
    “story” of any nation or Sovereign body, replacing (in
    this case) the TRUE Church with an idol, a false
    christ and a false church.

    As for “certain conservative Catholic outlets”, they’re
    TOO Conservative, i.e., comfortable in defending
    Catholic Faith and Morals . . NEVER dreaming that
    THIS occupier of the Chair of St. Peter, Jorge
    Bergoglio and his “side kicks”, would go THIS FAR
    —and further —in “cancelling” the WHOLE Church.

    How ELSE could Father Altman say what is said ??

  5. The recursive, indirect attack from within has been obvious, so this interview is just confirmation. I said 3 years ago when he shut down liturgy that he had a demonic health that will keep him going. Yes, he is speeding the pace of heretical descent but only because he has enough pieces in place. And, yes, there will be increasingly swift snuffing out of dissent not just of the clergy but of laity. Soon, maybe next year, we will have to take an oath of loyalty to the person by name, rather than the office or the Magisterium or even the Lord.


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