BREAKING: Francis Makes Major Announcement, Rewards Bishop Who Went After Bishop Strickland

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21 new FrancisCardinals, 18 of whom will vote in the next conclave for the next pope. What could go wrong?




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2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Francis Makes Major Announcement, Rewards Bishop Who Went After Bishop Strickland

  1. Maggots all of them, infesting the corpse of the mortal Rome, which has choked to death on its Modernist vomit. They are untouched by grace, have made themselves untouchable by the Holy Ghost, because there must be in a soul some desire for Truth, however concealed, and there is not even a fragment of it anywhere among, and anyone saying “oooooh, don’t judge, pray for them” is part of the cretinous chorus in this play, the Conqueror Worm.. The “Conclave” of “Cardinals” would be as much of an Antichrist farce as the whole of the last decade. Such a degrading, degenerate charade. God does not listen to the prayers of such idolatrous demoniacs.

  2. Surprised by this fawning, nice looking, sidekick
    betraying a staunch Faithful Shepherd to Francis’
    false christ and false church?

    NEVER ! Not surprised attall !

    Regarding “stacking the College of Cardinals”
    in favour of Bergoglio’s “made-over” church:
    1/ Francis ISN’T the REAL Holy Spirit.
    2/ But it looks like—with his Péronist dictatorial
    bent —he thinks and behaves as if he IS!

    Otherwise, why doesn’t he trust the REAL
    Holy Spirit to work in the minds and hearts
    of the Papabili [ numbering the next Conclave ]
    to come up with the man whom HE —the REAL
    HOLY SPIRIT —knows [ and LOVES ] as best
    to govern CHRIST’S Church and people?

    If Francis’ “Synodal” listening will be needed
    above all, it will be at the next Conclave, THAT
    “Listening” having been DONE ALREADY by
    the REAL Holy Spirit . . to be DISCOVERED
    by those Papabili while they’re secluded in
    POLITICS-FREE prayer and deliberation.


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