Francis Is Trying To Control Catholic Media But Will Fail

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His pitch is so laughably vapid that its hard to take seriously.





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3 thoughts on “Francis Is Trying To Control Catholic Media But Will Fail

  1. Many true Catholic sources have both in the past and in the present asked the question: “Will Christ find faith when He comes again?” It’s not a rhetorical question because it is based on what we know from Holy Scripture and from the approved prophesies of those who have received great graces which are for the strengthening of the faith and not for its destruction. That is the difference between Francis and those who actually know and keep the true faith. Unless/until we understand Francis’s actual agenda, we will forever be part of the crowd who wants things to be smoothed over by hypocrisy, and banal talk w/o a shred of real Catholic faith. Unfortunately, that is the objective reality of the church today and, yes, it answers the above question w/o any equivocation. It is not Holy Mother Church or her magnificent structure or her doctrines and dogmas, or her devotions, etc., it is CHURCHMEN over the centuries who have attempted and are attempting to destroy her and they’ve succeeded because we’ve allowed them to succeed by listening to their deceptions and the errors from their lying lips. We must go back to the beginning, to the early Church Fathers and Doctors of the faith. That is where we will find Christ and His true Church and where we will find and begin to practice our true faith.

  2. But WHY vapid — insipid, uninspired, colourless, uninteresting, feeble, flat, dead, dull, boring, tedious,
    tired, uninspiring, unimaginative, lifeless, spiritless, sterile, anaemic? Simple, really.
    A man cannot be expected to suddenly uphold the Wisdom of the Ages, the Sacred Deposit of the Faith,
    when he has consistently consigned all that to the ice box, as “rigid”. So, after a whole Pontificate of
    such “evasive action”, perhaps Francis has run smack-dab into the actual sin-ladenness of the
    MERLEY human [ VERY human folks, who’ve had NO encounter with Christ or have studiously
    avoided such an intimately PERSONAL encounter ] Has Francis no words left to truthfully address
    LOST and STRAYING souls with the WHOLE truth, because he’s dismissed THOSE life-or-death
    Catholic, millennial Archives as “rigid”.

    Merely political mutterings, though human, but never “FULLY human” —as CHRIST was, is, and will
    forever be —will never apply the Wisdom of the Saints, of former Popes and Councils, of Sacred
    Tradition, and of Sacred Scripture to the myriad of [ NOW! ] lost and straying souls, because FRANCIS
    HIMSELF has led them astray . . by NOT feeding HIS FLOCK . . but hob-nobbing with the World, with
    with unbelievers, with public big sinners . . leaving the impression that Christ, His Church and its
    SACRAMENTAL LIFE are relics and the debris of past ages.

    We’ve many times heard that famous phrase by St. Iraneaus, “The Glory of God and Man fully alive”.
    The second, most essential half, is always left out . . until one finds it “by accident” in some FULLY
    Catholic source, “The Vision of Man is GOD” . . the God-Man Christ, who ALONE —through His Church —
    is capable of MAKING any man and woman “fully alive”.

    But who, really, is God for Francis ??

    Am grateful to have found Bishop Athanasius’ book, The Catholic Mass: Steps To Restore the
    CENTRALITY OF GOD in the Liturgy. 2021/ Sophia Press/ transl. Diane Montagna.

    But one is equally humbled, because the work of conversion and restoration has only just begun.

    1. POSTSCRIPT: In other words, we get what we give. Christ —second Person of the Holy Trinity,
      become Man —fully Human, fully Divine —gives His ALL, overcoming Adam’s death of Original
      Sin by His own sacrificial Death on the Cross. Through His Church and our Baptism in it, we
      can give back to Him the fruits of living the Sacramental Life of His Church. And so “the Economy
      of Salvation” proceeds apace . . no matter what storms it endures . . and passes through


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