Cardinal Cupich’s Demonic Plan To Expel The Institute Of Christ The King Revealed

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The wicked voice of Francis in America is trying to force traditional groups to make a pact with the metaphorical devil


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4 thoughts on “Cardinal Cupich’s Demonic Plan To Expel The Institute Of Christ The King Revealed

  1. As Anthony reminds us on a regular basis: “We were warned”. Here are some pertinent entries
    from The Marian Movement of Priests, “To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons” (1973 – 1997):

    1/ The task of Ecclesiastical Freemasonry: “To destroy Christ and His Church and replace it
    with an idol, a false christ and a false church” – 1989, #406g

    2/ The FALLOUT of abortions: “In a world where EGOISM and PRIDE have taken the field,
    the most numerous victims are the innocent. Today they are killed by the millions while still
    in their mother’s womb . . Why is such inhuman impiety so widespread . .? Little children,
    who are just opening out to life, are being presented with absolute transgressions of God’s
    Law as values to be sought after; young people are disoriented and deceived; families bewail
    the destruction of their home-life; the immense multitude of my poor children are hastening
    along the road of sin and perdition. See if there is any sorrow as great as mine!” —1982, #251.

    3/ Secularism: “To claim the RIGHT to abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia, and to recognize
    that right in Law, means to attribute to human freedom a PERVERSE AND EVIL SIGNIFICANCE:
    that of ABSOLUTE POWER OVER OTHERS AND AGAINST OTHERS. This is the death of True

    In seeking the DEEPEST roots of the struggle between the ‘culture of Life’ and the ‘culture of death’,
    we cannot restrict ourselves to the perverse idea of freedom mentioned above. We have to go to
    the heart of THE TRAGEDY experienced by modern man and woman: (namely) the eclipse of God
    -and-Man, typical of a social climate dominated by SECULARISM, which, with its ubiquitous
    tentacles, succeeds in putting Christian Communities themselves to the test.

    Those who ALLOW themselves to be influenced by this climate easily fall into a sad and vicious
    circle: when the sense of God is lost, there is also a tendency to lose the sense of men and women,
    of THEIR DIGNITY AND OF THEIR LIFE.”  —1995, The Gospel Of Life, #19, 20, 21, St.John Paul II.

  2. @3:99 ff: TOTALLY unjust !! Mitred interlopers, who’s Law is “Might Makes Right!”, Stalinist Soviet style.
    That cowardly LAP-DOG, Cupich! . . a Canonical travesty, yes, Cupich himself amounts to a Canonical
    Travesty !

  3. Not to “obey” an order by an apostate, as Cardinal Cupich most definitely is, can only be seen as a courageous act of faith. Isn’t this what the the faithful did and still do in both the Old and the New Testaments as examples of heroism and, yes, even martyrdom, as a testament to their faith? It is not “disobedient” to be faithful to the true faith; it is a sign of heroic testimony that will be considered as a sign of sanctity. I am thankful to be among those who know and live by our true faith and hope I will, if called by God to be in such a position that I would act I know they will: in faith. The Novus Ordo church is based on a false, and as Archbishop Fulton Sheen has publlicly stated, an “ape” church. In other words it is not the same rite as the Mass of the Ages because it is a counterfeit church.


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