Fr Ripperger Tells Us How To Save The Church & The World

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As the Church goes, so goes the World




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4 thoughts on “Fr Ripperger Tells Us How To Save The Church & The World

  1. Once again I was blocked from sending my comments re Fr. Ripperger’s excellent response to yesterday’s blog on how to save the Church. I hold him in the highest regard and find him to be correct in his understanding of the problems we are facing. My comments were such that I’m sure your sponsor did not appreciate because those comments reflect the fact that our Catholic faith resides in the Holy Magisterium of the Church and not in the apostasy of Francis or his apostate cardinals and bishops. The Holy Magisterium contains the full deposit of the faith as it was given by God to His apostles w/instruction on how to pass it on to the faithful. I also stated that we Catholics on earth are the Church Militant and as such it is our duty to act in accordance w/that fact which is why Fr. Ripperger needs our prayers and support because he spoke the Truth which has been long in coming. This is a breakthrough which I am sure is going to cause push back from the PTB because they are now so very close to the attaining their goals which are to destroy the faith, the papacy, the priesthood, etc. and to create a ONE WORLD RELIGION which will be Godless and devoid of any/all of God’s grace.

    1. In connection with your clear observations and reminder, A.T., once again here is from: “To the Priests,
      Our Lady’s Beloved Sons”/ Marian Movement of Priests/ Fr. Stefano Gobbi, 1989, #406g “The Lamb
      Like A Beast” . . “the task of ECCLESIASTICAL Masonry is to destroy Christ and His Church, to be replaced

      That was in nineteen eighty nine. The path —trajectory —to that Masonic goal has been playing out before
      us ever since Jorge Bergoglio was manoeuvred onto the Chair of St. Peter.

      Let’s just keep praying for the guy —”Hoping against hope” —and our Rosary, because the Gates of Hell
      STILL will not prevail (against Christ the King), NOR will the Queen of Heaven and Earth STOP being
      “terrible as an army set in battle array” (Song 6:10 ff ) NOR will she fail in crushing Satan’s head.

  2. @ 6″00 ff : ” . . I’m not, and (assuredly ?) most of you are not, but we should be looking to the
    Bishops (who are the ones who should be leading us) . . ” Anthony, surely you can recall Bishop
    Sheen enjoining the Laity —that’s us, you, me, the many whom you have just mentioned as
    TALKING ABOUT “cleaning house” —enjoining US to make sure that our Bishop(s) and our Priest(s)
    ARE/ BEHAVE LIKE the Bishop(s) and Priest(s)/ Pastor(s) they’re SUPPOSED TO BE.

    Well, from where Prairie Grandpa Bob is observing and listening, yourself and the (by now) many
    Lay Catholics and Christians, are doing exactly that. In no way can the Catholic Hierarchy NOT
    know what their Flock is seeing, hearing, knowing . . and RESPONDING TO what with today’s
    instant, universal, “viral” communication! [ e.g. Fr. Altman & associates below the 49th; John-Henry
    Westen; Kennedy Hall & Co. above the 49th . . to name only a few, but INFLUENTIAL examples] !

    Seem like we Laity OUGHT to take credit where credit IS due.

    Can’t thank you enough for bringing Fr. Ripperger into the picture. Any Exorcist who can
    get Demons to “cough up” the truth will not —CANNOT —allow himself to mess around
    with even a portion of the Church’s Sacred Deposit of Faith. Fortunately, Fr. Ripperger has
    been thoroughly grounded in the philosophical, theological, and psychological FORMATION
    required by the Church for her Ordained teachers and pastors. He’s been such OBJECTIVE
    “STUFF” ever since. We thank God for such thorough formation in a man who is ALSO
    exceptionally gifted with HANDING ON that urgently-needed Wisdom and Knowledge to the Laity.
    He tells us that his Dad used very effective discipling on him during moments of distraction of
    mischief: a knuckle on his head! He seems especially to “resonate” with MEN. At least in our family,
    besides myself, our two boys have been accessing his talks and sermons ever since “discovered”
    and sharing these with effect. Fr. Ripperger is my own “Default” teacher whenever it comes to what
    THE CHURCH actually teaches on Faith and Morals . . and not what every Jack & Jane, Tom &
    Gwendyllin opine on social media ( sincerely and “from the heart” ).

    Very important and needed observations and conclusions on the Devotional life in the Church,
    especially through Vatican II events. Thanks for bringing the Brown Scapular up front and centre.
    I may be way “out on a limb” for this, but St.John Paul II —who perhaps made very serious
    mistakes POLITICALLY ( . . according to my political-minded friends, but not at all inclined to
    any Catholic Devotion!) —reaching Sainthood BOTH because of his “Totus TUUS” commitment
    to Our Lady, AND because of his equal commitment to her BROWN SCAPULAR Devotion.


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