Francis & His Henchmen Admit They’re Using The Synod To Change The Church

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Maybe that admission is why no one wants to take part in the Synod in the first place.




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6 thoughts on “Francis & His Henchmen Admit They’re Using The Synod To Change The Church

  1. From the very beginning of his papacy, I had Francis pegged as a Socialist with all the earmarks of this twisted ideology, It’s no surprise that he is changing the Church into an instrument of evil. In fact, I believe that he is actually a Communist seeing what is actually going on in the Church all over the world. Good clergy trying to maintain true doctrine, dogma and traditions are being silenced and punished. We need God and his angels ti fight the evil forces and save our beloved Church!

  2. I hope they preserve the interior layout of churches, at least, so people can pray.

  3. I’m very happy homosexuals can practice their craft openly in Francischurch. Does this mean that I can look at women with lust in my heart now?

  4. Same ‘ol, same ‘ol. The inescapable echo of the Novus Ordo’s
    “original” social gospel, and, by extension, of Saul Alinsky’s
    inner city “reconstruction”. Nothing new here. A NEW leadership?
    For sure. The current leadership has been all used up. They
    even sound BORED with their own “broken record”, regurgitated
    ” . . CORRECT interpretation . . “? Yeah, right . . because PRE-Pope
    Bishop Bergoglio, in his Buenes Aires Diocese, had already been
    OK-ing sacrilegious Communion for parishes [ extreme Poverty? . .
    the “Dirty War”?]

    One wonders why —and how —Fr. Kolvenbach’s letter “went missing”;
    AFTER a thorough “fact-checking” on the man’s track record.
    Bergoglio’s Superior General (Kolvenbach) did N O T vet Bergoglio
    as future Conclave material.

    But we’ve had nine odd years of him ANYWAY ! . . a wholly
    problematic Pontificate !!

    At the same time —as you are fond of saying, Anthony —WE
    WERE WARNED ! . . of what ?? I’ll quote very briefly from To
    The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons” [ a year-by-year,
    month-by-month prophetic, very issue-specific journal of
    where the Church and the World were [ ARE ] heading,
    from 1973 – 1997 ]:

    “The times of the decisive battle have come. The hour of the
    great tribulation has now descended upon the world, because
    the angels of the Lord are being sent, WITH THEIR PLAGUES,
    to chastise the earth . . . How many times have I urged you
    to walk along the road of mortification of the senses, of mastery
    over the passions, or modesty, of good example, of purity
    and of holiness !! But Humanity has not accepted my urging . . ”
     —#412 b & c, Oct. 13, 1989.

  5. Yes, the replacement of the Apostolic Tradition grounded in the faith that comes from Christ Himself and has been handed down to us through His Apostles is being cruelly and mercilessly usurped by the agents of Satan through Francis and his minions of the sodomite clergy, and those both inside and outside the Church who want her to be changed from Christ’s total and complete oblation on the Cross for the forgiveness of our sins into a homogenized parody of a false church with no doctrine or dogma, no priests and no sacraments. This will be gone forever if, God forbid, it is endorsed and practiced as a replacement to make room for the One World Religion to serve the One World Order of satanic ritual which includes worship of Satan and his “sacraments” of eternal damnation.. Christ and His sacrificial offering of Himself on the Cross where He shed every ounce of His Precious Blood for us will be gone forever making the forgiveness of sin impossible because the Sacraments will be taken away and true priests will be either invisible (underground) or martyred. Please make no mistake; this is the Biblical apostasy which is unfolding before our very eyes. Pray the Rosary, receive the real sacraments of penance and absolution and remain faithful to the Commandments.

    1. Indeed, A. T., an incisive, “surgical”, astute analysis of these interlopers and their
      intended total destruction of Christ and His Church, of His Mystical Body.

      “Pray the Rosary, receive the real sacraments of penance and absolution and
      remain faithful to the Commandments.” Amen and A M E N !


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