Cardinal Ottaviani: The Virgin Mary Crushes Heresy, and Pope St Leo The Great On The Papacy

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Two teaching documents on a Saturday, which is rare.





St Leo The Great


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4 thoughts on “Cardinal Ottaviani: The Virgin Mary Crushes Heresy, and Pope St Leo The Great On The Papacy

  1. Where is the ottavoni intervention I woul like to read it myself and quote it.

  2. Regarding your uplifting account of Pope St. Leo the Great
    —genuine “Coin” minted on the Rock that is St. Peter,
    stopping Attila and his hordes lusting after Rome’s booty —
    the VERY SAME PROVIDENCE exists today as guided the
    Church through Pope St. Leo.

    Going out on that proverbial “Limb”, I hope our Pope Francis,
    BEFORE HE PASSES, will be given—no, he does NOT
    deserve it—the honour of meeting Pope St. Leo .. through
    a dream? .. through a vision? .. so as to cancel forever
    ALL TRACE of Pope “Frankie”‘s ambiguity, and replace that
    with the Church’s Time-tested, NORMAL CERTITUDE in
    her teaching on Faith and Morals.

    We Lay Men and Women can’t live from the self-contradictory
    “Certitude” of AMBIGUITY! Like: L.O.L. !

    You God-less Globalists, in whatever costume, go take a hike !!

  3. Ottaviani! . . Anthony, you’ve just let us hear him out (for the
    first time, in my case). And yet he was shouted down at the
    beginning of the Vatican Council. You’ve given us what they
    shouted down! “By this token”, how did Pope Paul VI get listed
    among the Saints ?? . . unless we don’t even know the half of
    his story. Through a friend intimately devoted to Paul VI,
    as well as through Bishop Sheen’s visits with this Pope, we
    learn that every night Pope Paul went to bed laying his head
    on a “Crown of thorns”, Priests and Religious ABANDONING
    their Vocations by the thousands, piling up on his desk.

    “St. Paul VI, pray for us, pray for the Church”

    “Venerable Bishop Sheen, pray for us, pray for the Church”

    “St. Catherine of Siena, apostle of the Vicar of Christ on Earth,
    pray for us, pray for the Church”

    1. P.S.
      One can never re-visit this source of Mary enough ! !

      Thanks ever so much, Anthony, for bringing it to light,
      especially with so many UN-Marian prelates running
      (rough-shod) over the Church today.


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