Francis Appoints An Enemy Of Christ To Key Vatican Post

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If you don’t see why appointing an advocate for abortion and population control to a post in the Pontifical Academy For Life is a problem then I can’t help you.




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3 thoughts on “Francis Appoints An Enemy Of Christ To Key Vatican Post

  1. Hilaire Belloc had forecast the spectre of a return to
    slavery on the eve of WW II. “We came, before the
    Church was founded, out of a pagan social system
    in which slavery was everywhere . . With the loss
    of the Faith we return to that institution again.”

    As regards the MORAL fruit “of the Modern Attack
    in the Catholic Church”, which has been to under-
    mine every form of restraint imposed by human
    experience acting THROUGH TRADITION”. But
    the chief of the Moral fruit of (Modernism), as of
    old, will be “the unquestioned prevalence of CRUELTY
    in the unbaptized world, just as slavery will be the
    chief fruit in the social field.” Belloc continuesl, “Not
    cruel vengeance, nor cruelty in excitement, nor
    cruelty in punishment, against acknowledged evil,
    nor cruelty in repression of what admettedly must
    be repressed . . (b)ut the cruelty which accompanies
    ANCESTRAL RELIGION . . The proof lies in this:
    that men are not shocked at cruelty, but INDIFFERENT
    to it. [two decades before Belloc, Maximillian Kolbe
    was saying the same thing, observing Masonic
    public displays in Rome: “The worst (moral/ spiritual)
    evil today is indifference”. Abominations of the Russian
    Revolution —extended to the Spanish Civil War —
    were both received and observed with indifference.
    “There was no universal cry of indignation .. no
    sufficient protest,” because Man was no longer
    perceived as Sacred. “That same force which
    ignores human dignity also ignores human
    suffering . . ” Thus (Modernism) in the moral field
    will have a thousand evil fruits, with the most
    characteristic and permanent one will be CRUELTY

    HUMAN REASON was, and remains, the object of
    the Modern Attack. “The plain man and his common
    sense (which are the stongholds of reason) were at
    first not affected. Today ( post WW I) they are.”
    —Hilaire Belloc, The Great Heresies, 1938, Sheed
    & Ward/ 2015, Cavalier Books, Milwaukee; ch. 7,
    “The Modern Phase”.

    Thus, currently, the social fruit of pope Bergoglio’s
    attack on the whole of the Church’s Tradition? . . a
    tsunami of synodal voices trumping the Church’s
    Scripture, Tradition, Papal decrees, and Wisdom
    of the Saints. Frankies moral fruit? . . calling grave
    sin “good” and blasphemous Communions “OK”.

    Get ready to suffer MORE real cruelty than we
    have already experienced under Frankie’s pontificate,
    and —increasingly —under a stealthy Marxist,
    Globalist take-over of the Nations. “You will not
    work and be happy” . . . (barf !!)

  2. ” .. their secular deposit of the anti-Faith.”

    Well summed-up, Anthony. With regard to A.T.’s two
    NEEDED proposals, that’s in the “job description” of
    the College of Cardinals. Pray that they too “snap
    out of it” !

    Meanwhile, here is our own daily prayer at home:

    “Almighty and EVERLASTING God, have mercy
    upon your servant Pope Francis, our supreme
    Pontiff. Direct him, according to your loving kindness,
    in the way of ETERNAL Salvation. May he desire
    only what is according to your will, and grant that
    he may accomplish it with all his might, but not
    without the intercession of St.Sebastian and ALL
    Heaven’s soldierly cohorts, and of St.Catherine
    of Siena, true apostle of the Vicar of Christ on

    This we beg through the INFINITE MERITS OF
    JESUS CHRIST, your beloved Son, our Lord and
    Saviour. Amen.”
     —Our Father. Hail Mary, Glory Be.

    Whistling into the wind? . . agreed: this man is
    unimaginably evil, which urges us, the Laity, to
    to propose anyway, until “40 minutes after the
    Devil knows we’re dead”, for God DISPOSES in a
    moment of HIS choosing.

  3. The Church is hemhorraging and in desperate need of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ whose precious blood is being spilled by heretics, sodomites, murderers and every evil thing that feeds on the very evil they are spreading. The Scriptures tell us to resist evil and those who perpetrate it but it also tells us not to throw pearls to swine. Francis is the leader of the demon worshipers who have now gained acceptance in a world run by the prince of demons, Satan. My best remedy for resisting this evil apostate who sits in the Chair of Peter as a usurper is to serve him w/an official accusation of committing public acts of heresy and in addition I agree w/archbishop Vigano who is publicly calling for the END OF THE NOVUS ORDO COUNTERFEIT CHURCH.


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