2 thoughts on “US Bishops Caught Funding Greatest Evil Of Our Time

  1. Based on the constant and unrelenting mantra of the SATANIC MOLOCH CULT BOTH IN THE WORLD AND IN THE CHURCH which signifies their worship of their evil god who has taken over the papacy of Francis, his cardinals, his bishops and their now secure place within the church, I must remain in total opposition to the Novus Ordo cult which was and is the primary cause of this continuing erosion of the faith for reasons we’ve all heard before; primarily the ascent of Modernism and its eating away of the true faith w/o papal condemnation. By condemnation I mean they should have all be officially excommunicated but instead they were excused and even rewarded for their monstrous behavior. Why has this been allowed to occur unpunished? My guess is that is comes from the 23rd and his OPENING OF THE CHURCH TO THE WORLD. SATAN NOW SITS IN THE CHAIR OF PETER AND RULES THE CHURCH WHICH, UNDER PAUL VI, WAS ENTHRONED TO SATAN IN A TRUE BLACK MASS IN ST. PAUL’S CHAPEL 8 DAYS AFTER THE INAUGURATION OF PAUL VI. PRAY FOR THE CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA TO THE IMMACULATE HEART, SHE IS OUR LAST HOPE.

  2. ” . . for human DEVELOPMENT . . ” i.e. WITHOUT the Sacramental Life? . . does each member
    of the UCCB —and those inhabiting the Vatican —offer daily Mass, and frequent Confession?
    IF NOT, who do we have running the Church? From this prairie observer, it seems obvious, for example, that Cardinals Perolin and Sarah do not share the same Faith, the former being purely
    political, the latter a true son of the Church.

    The Traditional Sacramental Life of the Church seem to wholly foreign, in catechesis and practise,
    to the politicians-in mitres-and lavender, globalist power brokers. For them the word “Sacred” is
    fantasy and fiction; so is the word —and STATE —if Sacrilege.

    I’m sounding like the proverbial “broken record”, an outmoded technology these days ( . . except
    record players HAVE made a big come-back).

    The Holy Eucharist —”Source and Summit of the Faith” —can be side-stepped for only so long
    (depending on the Saviour’s Divine Patience and Mercy) —without obscuring the Christ Life.
    But even THAT darkness did not overcome it, because, ” . . The true light, which enlightens
    everyone . . (though) the world did not know Him . . and His own people did not accept Him.
    But to all who received Him, who believed in His Name, he gave power to become the children
    of God, who were born . . OF GOD . . from His fullness we have ALL received, grace upon
    grace . . ”  — Jn 1: 9-16.


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