Vigano: The Modernists Will Be Judged Harshly

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Vigano with an interesting letter aimed at the Italian people but which has insights relevant to everyone in the Church.




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3 thoughts on “Vigano: The Modernists Will Be Judged Harshly

    1. Upon FURTHER REFLECTION: Archbishop Viganò even
      gives St. Pius X’s modernist rogues a tiny door still open
      for being saved, namely being HARSHLY judged, instead
      of the irrevocable “DEPART FROM ME . . !”

      For, from St. Faustina and St. John Paul II we learn of the
      BOTTOMLESS depths of the Divine Mercy for a repentant
      Soul who, even at the last moment, with THEIR “vessel of
      trust”, begs for Jesus’ Mercy.

  1. Viganó is the hammer of heresy and of a wholly apostate hierarchy. Even though he is repeating fundamental truths, he gives the faithful ever-deeper reflections, ever-sharper terms and incisive descriptions of the evil and emptiness of “the Bergoglian Sanhedrin” — which he points out IS the summit of the clericalism that the Apostate constantly deplores in words. He assists many in keeping to the determination to live faithfully and to have nothing to do with these devils, for “what partnership Hath light with darkness, or Christ with Belial?”


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