BREAKING: Heretic Bishop Announces The Church MUST Abandon APOSTOLIC TRADITION

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The Synod is taking the mask off in the waning days of the Synod of Sin.




Vatican Council I, Dogmatic Constitution on the Faith (1870), DZ 1792.

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3 thoughts on “BREAKING: Heretic Bishop Announces The Church MUST Abandon APOSTOLIC TRADITION

  1. I was with you until YOU tried to make a distinction between a Traditional Catholic and a “Rad Trad.” Now to me that so-called distinction is more offensive and illusory than the outrages of any modernist. I for one am insulted who am merely a Traditional Catholic who wants the true faith pure and unsullied, and who most novus-ordoites I know thereby would consider me a “rad trad” which is a purely pejorative and hurtful term. Thus, Mr. Stine. I am finished with you. I am shocked that any Traditional Catholic regardless of disagreements would stoop so low as to use such a term. Good bye and God bless in spite of your obvious lack of good will.

  2. I find it interesting that heretic bishops like the one you speak of can he called a heretic but Bergoglio gets a pass, at least being called that explicitly. Why? I find that to be the height of hypocrisy. Bergoglio is a heretic pure and simple and an apostate, making the huge unfounded assumption that he was ever a Catholic in the first place. From that the rest which I leave un said follows.

  3. [ all emphases mine ]

    Way to go, Anthony !!

    Another good dissection of this cancerous,
    not-yet-dead sputtering body of lies.

    Pinching himself yet again, it’s taken a l-o-n-g
    time for this yakking tumour to penetrate Prairie
    Grandpa’s cradle-rocking-horse Catholic “Buckler
    And Shield”.

    But, yeah! . . the Vatican head-honchos really
    ARE trashing the Church’s Sacred Deposit of Faith.
    Too bad their “six-shooters” are loaded with
    marshmallows and LOUD blanks.

    Alisa’s comment last night —indicating Frankie’s
    agenda to cancel the Church’s language [ and
    TEACHING ] on Sin and its consequences —nailed
    it ! Thank you Alisa.

    Such apish moves are perfectly in sync with what
    Cardinal Dziwisz relates in his 40 years with his
    mentor and friend Karol, St.John Paul II: after the
    turn of the millennium, the UN —all globalist civil
    entities —EXCISED the word “FAMILY” from every
    official document.

    What Our Lady defined in the 1989, Frankie has
    been incrementally, laboriously DOING, i.e. destroying
    Christ and His [ CATHOLIC ] Church, setting up
    an idol, building a FALSE christ and a FALSE church.

    [ dig up a copy of Fr. Stefano Gobbi’s “Blue Book”,
    To The Priests, Our Lady’s Beloved Sons, and flip
    The pages to 1989, #406g, where, in a thumbnail sketch,
    she matter-factly says: “The TASK of ECCLESIASTICAL
    FREEMASONRY is to destroy Christ and His Church
    ( and build ) a FALSE christ and a FALSE church”.

    Frankie’s PACE has been SO slow, SO “one step back,
    two steps forward”, that he’s made it a “done deal”,
    before sleepy ho-hum Catholics [ not to mention apostate
    Catholics ] even noticed or had time re-act.

    Alert, media-savvy Catholics DID notice, and ARE
    re-acting “as we speak”.

    One of them — Fr. Gerald
    Murray of the Papal Posse — sure noticed, and, in his
    on-going analyses, NAILS IT !


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