Francis Hammers Traditional Catholics Again While The Church In America Faces Persecution

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The man is incapable of resisting every opportunity to hammer us for clinging to the faith as it had always been taught.




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2 thoughts on “Francis Hammers Traditional Catholics Again While The Church In America Faces Persecution

  1. Anthony, both Youtube and Spotify have been cutting out half way through your podcast. I’m not smart enough
    to navigate through such “curve balls” coming at me. But, thought it best to report said change-ups to you.

    Other than that, G.K.Chesterton, not that far into his conversion into the Church, made the point that a mere handful (my word) of articles on Faith & Morals were incumbent on the Faithful to assent and to adhere to . . the Decalogue; the Creed (Nicene;Apostles; Athanasian]. Chesterton thoroughly relished and revelled in the realization that, WITHIN
    THESE PROTECTIVE WALLS, shall we say, the Faithful could debate and deal with EVERY OTHER topic, question, problem, predicament, muddle, bone of contention, or Foundation-threatening challenge which the World and events could throw at them. nA truly wonderful and exciting “Home” wherein the Church’s children could seek the
    Way, the Truth, the Life, could discover the Good, the True, the Beautiful . . could thrive through Christ’s
    Cross, into and out of every Evil, Heavenward.

    So, why does this Bergoglio . . [ don’t get me wrong: in our family we pray SUBSTANTIALLY for Pope Francis every
    morning ] . . homogenizing-by-heterodoxing all believers? . . kind of like Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Biden like their ice cream? “God loves VARIETY”, states a veteran Exorcist. “How to we know?” he contunes. “Look at all the bugs
    He made.”

  2. The Apostate is the best advertisement real Catholicism has had in this era of the Ape of the Church. His two deeply pious (though flawed theologically) predecessors put a fair face on the Conciliar monstrosities. From now to the end of time, the defenses of V2 will sound absurd, vain, hollow, and people will know that there is only either real Catholicism or the obscene 1960s costume party pantomime.


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