Francis Unleashes More Heresy The Church Previously Condemned

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Francis has been on a roll lately, adopting Protestant notions of theology and going after the faithful. Meanwhile, Francis fiddles while vocations continue to collapse.





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6 thoughts on “Francis Unleashes More Heresy The Church Previously Condemned

  1. As V2 was a revolution in the Church which as what you just described is only one of the many catastrophes to the faith that have since occurred and continues to occur. This is old news yet it remains an unresolved crisis. If we who are left do not faithfully practice what Our Lady of Fatima revealed to the 3 shepherd children, the world will receive no further grace from God. That time is on the horizon. If Russia is not consecrated according to her mandate and obviously it has not occurred, we will be subject to God’s wrath which will be devastating. Francis is not the pope nor is he even a Catholic. He is more than a heretic and as such excommunicates himself. Why do you insist on repeating the same sad story? He is outside the Church because he is also a Marxist, a Mason and a sodomite. The story line is not working; people don’t care. I am a member of a fully recognized traditional Catholic Church which follows the traditional Mass and the traditional sacraments. There is no shortage of priests and there are no shortages of seminarians; we are thriving. Focus on what is vital for the Church to survive and thrive. All altar servers are males and there are usually ten of them present at every high Mass. They are all properly trained and educated and they also attend the academy which is on the grounds, grades kindergarten through 8th grade. If we want more priests we must train the boys properly and we must support their education and training as part of our commitment to them. In addition to this and much more, we receive catechesis every Sunday from on of our priests one half hour before Mass

    1. ” . . the world will receive no further grace from God ” uh . . a hasty judgement, to say the least. YOU be faithful! . .
      include all others in your prayers too; you can’t read their souls. Only God can.

      “He [ Francis ] is outside the Church because he is also a Marxist, a Mason and a sodomite . .” another hasty
      conclusion, needing nots of VERIFIABLE evidence. Would you LIKE Francis to be “a Marxist, a Mason and a
      sodomite” . . one neat package, to make life and thinking simpler?

      “I am a member of . . . ” You are very fortunate! A sure Foundation. A flourishing Parish, because truly Catholic.

      With regard to bad Popes, Bishops, and Priests, St.Catherine of Siena always makes me “put on the brakes”,
      and think twice, me being of a volatile temperament, which I inherited honestly from my mother. Here’s St.
      Catherine (illiterate; had secretaries write down what she received —from the Father, Jesus, Our Lady —DURING
      her ecstacies. See: The. Dialogue):

      “Even if the Pope WERE SATAN INCARNATE, we ought not to raise up our heads against him. (But I know
      that many of you say) ‘They are so corrupt, and work all manner of evil!’ But God has commanded that, even if the
      Priests, the Pastors, and Christ-on-earth [the Pope] were incarnate Devils, we are to be obedient and subject to
      them, NOT FOR THEIR SAKES BUT for the sake of God and OUT OF OBEDIENCE TO HIM, THE SWEET

      OUCH! . . we’ll never figure that one out.

      1. This only applies to a VALID Pope. St Catherine was emphasizing the importance of the Vicar of Christ.
        She also spoke out against an anti Pope.

        1. Then what do you make of St.Catherine’s ” . . even if he were the Devil Incarnate” ? That would certainly include
          any bad Pope. Francis is speaking and acting like a “Devil incarnate”. He occupies the Chair of St.Peter. St.John
          Paul II has stipulated which necessary factors constitute a truly VALID Conclave. Patrick Coffin, interviewed
          recently by LifeSite’s John-Henry Westen, has surfaced that document, which, if legislated by the Church would
          make Francis’ whole “Pontificate” invalid. But it hasn’t come to that [ yet ? ].

          As our family sees it —as Faithful practising Catholics —our “job-description remains to “Pray, Hope, and Don’t
          Worry” . . above all for Francis. If he eventually does get “turfed out”, he’ll need those prayers more than ever.
          Then “the Francis effect” will have been severely shackled by the Divine Mercy “factor”, also instituted by St. John
          Paul II, where the grace of final repentance, generously GUARANTEED by Jesus Himself, REMAINS a sure option
          until one’s final breathe.

          So, we continue to pray daily —especially the Rosary — for Francis.

          “Almighty and everlasting God, have mercy upon Thy servant, Pope Francis, our Supreme Pontiff, and
          direct him  —according to Thy Loving Kindness —in the way of ETERNAL Salvation; that of this Thy Gift,
          he may EVER desire that which is according to Thy Will, and may accomplish it [at a final moment ? ] with
          all him might. Through Christ Our Lord, Amen. ( Our Father. Hail Mary. Glory Be 0

  2. Sorry, I hit the wrong button. So, to continue . . ( THROUGH means of wars), in spite of the events and warnings
    of Fatima, WHAT’S BEEN THE GOOD of the DECADES of unbroken Hours spent before the Blessed Sacrament in that Basilica of the Sacred Heart . . and in countless other Catholic Churches?? A Mystery. A REAL Mystery! . . whose answer and impact lie in Heart of Jesus Himself. For those of us who have this question, GO AND ASK HIM!

    I for one will still continue to bank my convictions on the advice of St.John Paul II, ON the Wisdom and urgency of Eucharistic Adoration, perpetually enshrined not only the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, but in the Catechism of the Church, where at #1380 St.John Paul urges: (paraphrased) ” . . Let us NEVER CEASE to make reparation for the CRIMES OF THE WORLD) . . Pope Francis and his “Vatican Projects” notwithstanding. The Gates of Hell will not prevail against our “determined determination” (St.Teresa of Avila) to praise, reverence, and serve Our Eucharistic Lord. Let us take the Faith to its limitless “limits”. “Sky’s the limit” is a long-time saying.

  3. Anthony, the Francis/ Vatican statements/ events presented in this, your latest, podcast sound essentially like
    an Ecclesial PROJECT, you know . . ” he gave power to become children of God, who were born NOT of blood,
    NOR of the will of the flesh, NOR of the will of man, but of God.” (Jn 1: 12-13). Francis & Co. are all about the will of man. Cow towing to the World —relentlessly AWAY from Our Eucharistic Lord —shows me how dumb these “cows”
    really are. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart, in the Montmartre section of Paris, has has unbroken Eucharistic Adoration since its beginning in 1885. One might ask, “What, with the onset of Freemasonry, Marxist Atheism and
    their bad fruit of two world wars, the spread of Communism (THROUGH


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