Vigano Declares That The Novus Ordo Mass Must Be Abolished

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Yes, he went there, as part of a greater discussion over the reforms of the liturgy.





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One thought on “Vigano Declares That The Novus Ordo Mass Must Be Abolished

  1. ” . . solemn worship”; “solid formation”: two key phrases implying a profound disposition of Soul wedded to a thorough knowledge of the Sacred and the corresponding habit of Liturgical worship and thinking. Two key realities of Sacred praxis which —80+ years later! —are totally foreign to the superficial, feelings-based “theology” and practise of the
    Novus Ordo mind-set.

    Archbishop Vigano is the man of Church HISTORY, and of Catholic Theological precision, who is CAPABLE of identifying and sorting out the subtleties, hidden snags, and revisionist intent of reformers, past, present, and to

    How can Faithful Catholic “Yokels” like myself survive the on-going Vatican maelstrom today? For one, the Faith
    and practise passed on by my Parents, WWII survivors, fortunate to have had Cardinal DeJong of Utrecht as their
    solid mentor, and St.Peter Canisius as their Catechist. For another, my own formation in Catholic Catechisms.
    Thirdly and fourthly, the keeping abreast of events of WW II and Communism, especially through the preaching of
    Ven. Bishop Sheen, and the family Rosary recited daily in boyhood, and now, as a grandpa, made more urgent and
    alive with celebration of Fatima’s Centenary recently.

    Bergoglios may come and Bergoglios may go, but in our home we pray for Pope Francis daily, inspired above all by St.Catherine of Siena who warns us : NOT to “bad mouth” any Pope, Bishop, or Priest, EVEN THOUGH they’re
    perceived to be “Devils incarnate”. The Reality of the All-Holy Christ-as-Divine-Head-of-the-Church REMAINS
    HERE BELOW as “the Sweet Christ”, the Chair of Peter, to whose occupant we owe “obeisance” [ respect, homage, reverence ], NOT for the sake of —currently — Francis, but for the sake of Christ, “THE SWEET CHRIST” . . who
    today is being Crucified again. So, let us strive to be like the young John, the Mary Magdalene, yes, even the
    Mother of that original Calvary. And let the maddening, contemptuous “mob” fizzle out in “Hell shall NOT prevail!”


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